Why I am buying a Slow Cooker

I should add to the title that I am buying this family utensil with my birthday money.

I am not a person who really gets excited about jewellery, pretty stuff or stuff just for me. Where is the fun if you can’t share.

A few years back I bought a mini donut maker with some birthday money I was given. Not long after I got it home I was swiftly told off for purchasing something that wasn’t ‘just for myself’. So I returned that purchase and bought some art supplies instead. I have plenty of art supplies (can you ever have too much though?) and what I bought wasn’t truly something I wanted either. (I was restricted to where I purchased due to the money being on a gift card). Anyhow, I am over that and it was probably the right choice to return the donut maker, after all, my woodles the waffle maker sits unused most of the year and I sure it would have ended up just taking up precious cupboard space.

What does this have to do with a slow cooker? Everything and nothing.

I have been researching/asking questions about slow cookers for a while now and watching the prices of those in the shops, so when my dad sent me some birthday money I decided it was time to buy one for us to use. And it will get used. Between running and bread run it will be used at least twice a week. It is something that is not going to gather dust and will take up precious bench space instead!

With this purchase I am risking being told that I need to buy something for myself, but I know that won’t make me happy, and I will get more pleasure out of buying something I can share. I am not saying that if you buy something for yourself that you are selfish, or that I am just an unselfish person. I have my things that I do, and I buy, and I don’t like to share. I have my ice tea cordial, the soft teddy I won in a mother’s day raffle, my art and craft supplies, among other things. But they are small (just don’t look at my material and yarn stash though).

I want to be able to use and share this gift, a gift that will keep giving (yummy meals).

Oh, and I am not sharing my sports gel/goodies I got for my birthday either! Now where can I find some decent tights for running through the cooler weather (will have a little $$ left over after buying the slow cooker).


I'll ask F where he got his

I'll ask F where he got his flaming leggings if you like!! They're sure to have other colours and patterns of lycra. :-)

that sounds great. I would

that sounds great. I would appreciate that

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