A Walk at the Gantry

The Gantry is a patch of the state forest, situated at Mt Mee. It has long trails and steep hills.

Today, four of us, went for a 21km trail walk to see how we were fairing for the upcoming Oxfam trailwalker. We did not fair too well. Our speed averaged about 4km/hr and the hills were tough (the scenery was beautiful though). The leaches were plenty also!

At first we did the Somerset trail, then we did about 8km on Pegg Rd.

Somerset trail was a bit overgrown but still a pleasant walk (if we hadn’t been trying to get some good times). I wouldn’t mind doing that one again, though possibly in a time when there were less leaches! I ended up with 2 on my right shoe and 1 on my left sock. I also need to do something about my shoes, as my feet were hurting halfway through this first 13km. Next time I will be better prepared, take my time and enjoy the beauty around us (yellow banksia, delicate white ground orchards, dew drops on the branches and breath taking views)

After this walk it was back to the park for a pit stop, and snack, then down the road (minus the leaches) to Pegg Rd. This was the trial road, the hilly road, and the one I wish I had the data for so I could look at the incline. Anyhow, 4km in we stop to assess our situation, (while waiting for me to catch up). It was not good, and our speed was not enough, the hills weren’t steep enough, and we were getting tired (I was but I am not sure about the others). It was here that we made our final decision to pass on our registration to someone else and let this 100km trek in Sydney pass by. We then headed back to the park where the leader had a nap, another kept the leaches at bay and those still awake chatted and rested.

To be honest, it was one weight off my shoulders, the decision not to continue. One less thing to worry about, especially the fundraising part, and finding the finances to get there, etc. I know we could have done it, if the cut off times of the event weren’t so short but I don’t think I was quite ready. Perhaps next year I will be.

Now, if the data from my watch hadn’t been lost, I would have been able to show where we had been!

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