Mouse Update

Welllllll.......guess who came home! J9 caught the mouse sitting on another mouse's cage.
I decided it was time, then and there, to make a more secure (at least I am hoping it is more secure) cage for the escapee. I have given up one of my roach breeding boxes and transformed it into a mouse house.
Do you know how long it takes to melt off part of the top? Well, I didn't melt the whole thing, just sorta cut off part of it with a soldering iron (the one I use to put holes in cricket breeding boxes).
Then I embedded my fingers with the pattern of the wire mesh roof while holding it down so the glue could set.
I hope the glue holds.

On a completely different subject. We have started making our first loaf of bread using the bread starter. Unfortunately today seems to be the coolest day we have had in a while. Doh! Hopefully it will work out and we will have yummy freshly baked sour dough bread to eat tonight.

Mouse Update

It escaped again and hasn't been able to be caught this time.
It escaped into the thickest, most untouchable part of the garage.
Worst part is that it is a female mouse!


Well it happened. One of the mice escaped.
We found it again, in hubby's office, under his filing cabinet....which is on wheels....
The mouse is back in it's cage now, hopefully it will stay there this time.

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