Mice for Sale

These gorgeous two mice are up for sale. They are brother and sister. The boy being the one with the white band around his waist.
They are currently 3 weeks old and should be ready for new homes by the end of this week (29/11/2008)
Just a couple more shots of these little cuties.

Getting Crafty and Mice


IMG_3225-smlI thought this picture was the best one to show off my new pants. Especially since I didn’t think a shot of my rear end was the best for this blog.


IMG_3207-sml First things first, my sister had her routine scan done yesterday and she is having a girl! Another niece for me.

Secondly, E7’s mouse had her babies last night. There are at least 9 in there. Poor mouse is so tired. She feeds the babies then wanders off to the other side of the cage to sleep. We have housed her cage mate (and boyfriend) in our spare bachelor pad (the boys house away from the females). This means that in 3 weeks time I will be culling a new batch of mice, though this time I am allowing the girls to sell some of the babies for pets. I am hoping that between our females, we will have enough mice to feed the snakes (and the new ones coming next year).

Happenings Of A Monday

IMG_2796-sml IMG_2798-smlOk, so not everything happened today, but today I am blogging about it.

Today has been a good day.

Firstly I will start off by telling you about last Friday.

Last Friday we tested the gas chamber. You can see the ingredients there to the left and the chambers to the right.

The gas chambers were for the baby mice. 7 baby mice now rest peacefully in my freezer. It was a quick and sudden death and was all over in seconds. However, they did need a quick bath after the experience due to the light shower of vinegar.

Do you know what happens when you put bi-carb into vinegar? Apart from lots of carbon dioxide you get lots of bubbles, almost like an explosion, and if the container is not big enough to house it, then you get vinegar escaping through the tube. I just hope the mice are still palatable for the snakes.

Lots Of Babies

IMG_2790-smlIMG_2795-sml Tis the season to be merry! Well, it isn’t Christmas yet but there are people rejoicing over the birth of the many babies, or the babies to come. First we had the baby mice (all 11 of them), followed by the guinea pigs (in a previous post). This was followed by the next lot of baby guinea pigs to be born. Soon sloth will become a mama (she looks pretty gravid at the moment which basically means “full of eggs”) and then we will have a lot more babies.

There are quite a few humans people I know that are pregnant also. My sister is just finishing her first trimester, a friend from Ukraine is expecting her 3rd child, one friend just had her 8th baby, another friend is very bumpy and due in a few shorts months time, and I think another friend is in the early stages of her 3rd pregnancy. I could have missed someone out here, so sorry if I did.

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