Storm Damage

What a lot of fun we had, assessing the storm damage from last night. As you can see from the tree there was a lot of strong wind last night. That tree would have stood close to 4 meters high, now it stands about 60 cm high.
As you can see by the other tree, we had a branch land on our guttering. No damage to the house fortunately but that meant another branch had to be removed.
The house seems to be unscathed, though the fence is not quite so lucky. The way the fence leans in the photo does not do it justice, it makes itlook like there is a trick to the photography, when really there isn't and in real life it leans more so, but does not look to be going anywhere. Phew!
Just waiting for the real estate to get back to us in regards to what they will do. They have been inundated with calls due to the storm damage from last night.
We aren't a real emergency, fortunately.
Our neighbours above us lost tiles off their roof and now have water throughout their ceiling and house. The neighbours below us almost had their house flooded due to bad plumbing. Oh, and our fence looks like it could fall on them. They have only lived there for 2 months now! Another neighbour has had their pool filled with mud. I think I heard some pothole covers put back in place last night also.

Day 9

Today I painted the bearded dragon hide black (only paint I had in a decent quantity to do the job). Tomorrow it should be dry enough to start the next stage pf production, and perhaps then I will remember to take a photo or two!
Apart from this, I created again with food. We had sweet chilli macaroni beans for lunch, dinner was red curry pumpkin soup with Mediterranean flat bread. A multicultural meal!
I also took a brain break (and work break as I was awaiting replies to an emailed question) and headed up to the park where I had sent the kids, with camera in hand. Click on the photos for a larger view.

And now for some plants around the park. Most of the flowers were smaller then your little fingers nail. I used the macro focus on the camera, actually I used the super-macro focus and just fiddled around see what I could get.

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