A Group Effort

M12, E6 & I, with the added input of hubby, put together a guinea pig 'nursery' today.
It isn't overly large but should be adequate enough for M12's guinea pig when she has her pups. It has a base on it so it can be inside for the cool nights we are currently having.
It took us just over 2 hours to put this together and I only forgot to countersink the holes before putting in the screws. When I remembered I couldn't find the right bit for the drill anyhow.
It will do for a time and eventually I will put these refreshed skills into use and make myself some type of reptile cage, hatchy rack, etc. I have a year to plan, so it is all good!
Maybe I could make myself some shelving for all of my materials, neaten it up a bit.
Lots of ideas forming at the moment, but I won't let it take over what projects I currently have on the go (my sister's hooded blouse, art classes, bread making, teaching the kids, etc etc)

Junior Convention

Junior convention is fast approaching and this year three of my girls will be producing entries for it. My eldest will be there as a helper on the day, which she is looking forward to.
Jade has entered a few things and today started work on one of her projects, cross-stitching. We have done 6 tiny crosses so far. We have 1.5mths till convention.
The kids have a heap of things they will do, and I shall list them later, hubby wants to watch a movie and I need to quieten down the dog first (she is barking at her bone!!!).

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