Stick Insects

The kids stick insects are growing, and one of them has changed! They were all green a week ago and then yesterday the kids exclaimed quite surprisedly that there was a strange brown insect in the cage. It turned out to be one of the others but changed!
It is pretty cool and we think it is a children's stick insect, but we aren't quite sure. We also think that it is male due to the longer wing case on it's back.
The photo doesn't show up it's colours too well but it is very pretty!
We think the other two, one of them the same size as the brown one, are a male/female pair. Hopefully the kids will be able to breed stick insects!

Some of our pets

I thought I would introduce some of the kids pets.
They are childrens stick insects and the girls have raised them since they were fresh out of the egg. We are hoping that 2 are female and 1 is a male, so that we can breed our own stick insects.

We also have a bunch load of mollies (fish) which have bred and now we have even more mollies! I think a few will be needing to find some new homes.

Boondall Wetlands

The other day, the kids and I went for a walk around Boondall Wetlands.

The kids all enjoy this as it isn't too long of a walk and there is pretty much always something to see.

On this trip around, we saw a coastal carpet python, some tiny crabs, a fish jumping out of the water, a possum behind a sign, heaps of spiders, some birds and heaps of mozzies.

Saturday Afternoon

How did you spend your Saturday afternoon?

I spent at least an hour of mine wrist deep in roach poo.

I finally took the plunge and divided up (further) the roaches I had.

Note: I breed roaches (wood roaches) to feed to our lizards.

I also scrubbed, dried, and rehoused the majority of the roaches (a few tiny ones ended up in the bin) and there was only one box that I actually gave up on and left a few roaches in, uncleaned, and threw in some new boxes so I could tackle it another day.

Now I am off to make dinner. I think we should have chicken.

Oh yes, I did scrub my hands, forearms and change my pants (my shirt is still clean, so were my pants apart from my pocket where I had to keep pressing the garage remote so I could go outside and wash the boxes out)

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