Getting It Off Paper

On the way to the park the other day, tuning out to the world while listening to music and pretending we were going through underground tunnels with the kids, I had the itch to write, and it is nothing to do with NaNoWriMo either.

Here is some of what I have written.


The cavern was huge by Madison's standards. It was domed, much like the sports stadium back at home. Of course the ceiling wasn't as smooth as the stadium's, but the glow worms living up there made up for it. Pockets of worms glowed all over the roof, making it glow almost like a bright starry night sky.

She stood on a slight incline at one entrance, stunned by the beauty of the place, her eyes roaming over the dimly lit structure.

Her torch batteries had run low by this stage though she did not notice as the worms 'shadowed' the dim light of the torch.

Madison's eyes were suddenly drawn to the large stone structure off to the left of the centre, on it's own small hill. It looked like a castle, she imagined, but it contained a single turret and a single steepled roof. She could see no entrance but then she was not that close that she could make out much detail. She could hear, however, the march of what seemed like a thousand feet coming towards her.

A sharp intake of breath was drawn and all fell silent again, only her heartbeat being heard in the vast cavern.

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