Out With The Old, In With The New!

Today we handed over the keys to our old car (swiss cheese car as the car yard called it), and picked up the keys to a loaner car.

Car! What Car?

No car yet!
We have experienced another hiccup!
There have been a lot of 'if only' thoughts happening lately, but I can't change the past but only hope for a better future.
We have been waiting for about a month now and it is frustrating especially with everything that has gone on.
Hopefully things will be rectified/finished/dealt with this coming week!

The Quote Is In!

Well, I received the phone call today about how much damage the hail did!
Total fix up cost is $7641.45!!!
It is times like this that I am glad we have insurance.
Now how do we go about getting the new car? and getting rid of this car?
Somehow I doubt they are wanting to pay what they originally quoted for the trade-in.

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