I entered a comp to win a free 12 months gym membership. I won it!
Now for the doh factor.
I had to turn it down because they can't cater for my family and how we do things.
They have childcare facilities but they only run from 9am to midday on weekdays, not at night time.
I can't go down during the day, as much as I would like to, as it would interfere too much with schoolwork.
This is the type of thing I was looking for, but with better childcare options and possibly closer!
12 months for free...doh...double doh!!!

Exercise & Other Stuff

Ok, I haven't done that well in updating here about daily exercise. Actually I have been pretty slack about updating here, or anywhere else. I have been doing some, but not as much as I should. I did drag out the exercise ball this morning and do some crunches, push-ups and some other funny exercises which everybody else finds hard to do, and I found hard to do this morning, but normally don't find hard to do.
Apart from the odd morning crunches, there hasn't been a lot going on. I have done a little gardening, and of course I still go to Monday training, but it has been hard to fit stuff in. We were on holidays but my time just filled right up with things to do. I only really had one day off and I chose that day to not do anything. A lazy day (which we all need occasionally).

The garden is starting to take shape though I think the rosemary plant didn't survive the transplant though. The carnations died but that is about it. The roses I thought which were dead have sprung back to life and after loosing all of their foliage it has started to bud with new leaves. This is great because it is the teddy bear rose and it produces a beautiful flower going from deep terracotta to pale pink.

Exercise & Seedlings

Since I last wrote I have done some park playing with hubby and the kids. Lots of frisbee throwing and ball kicking while swinging the youngest on the swing. Oh, and I rode there and back.
Nothing so far today as the gardening I had planned didn't go ahead as the seedlings wilted because i left them out in the sun! Doh! Now that we are holidays (school holidays) I can give it another go, possibly at a cooler time of the day, not that the holidays are an excuse to do that though.

In the seedling pots we have
- rosellas
- lettuce
- carrots
- corn (only two so far)
- and a few other things I can't quite remember which were which. We may have radishes in there also, or it may be the aphid control flowers also.


Exercise Update

stretches, crunches and reverse crunches (not a lot but a few)
Gardening - shaping the bushes out front with a manual pair of shears

clambering around the creek, over rocks
Also the walk there and back


In order to get fit and keep fit I am going to 'try' to keep a journal of my exercises in here.
They won't be much but it will be a start to being more active.

Yesterday - Monday 24th September

Personal Training

We ran, lots. I did about 2.5kms, well maybe less than that since I had to have a break in the beginning (The curse of having had 4 kids!)The running was hard because it was interval work and we had to try to do 50m in 13seconds. There was only one in our group who could make that time slot every time! After this we did soccer kick and free for all soccer and footy kicks. My foot eye co-ordination was not good by this stage and the dimming light made it harder still.

Today - Tuesday 25th September

Today I done some reverse crunches and a few stretches. Later on I plan to do some mulching in the garden, as well as stretching out the sore limbs from last night's training.

As for the future, I am 'thinking' of running in the mornings, but we will have to see how that goes. In the meantime I need to get onto eating better with more fruit and veg as I am sure that will help a lot.

Also, a new site I have joined and I hope will help. Weigh2win It is a forum started by some homeschooling mums in the same boat (maybe some are in a different boat) as me.

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