Around Our Garden

For those that are interested, I have a heap of photos from around our garden on flickr.

Kid Update & Plants (again)

School has started back and so has the old routine, which sometimes seems non-stop.
The 3 elder girls are at a sleep over for Girls Brigade tonight. There are heaps of other kids there also, and it looked well planned out, though I do expect them to be pretty tired tomorrow night. They are sleeping on whatever they bring or the pews in the church (padded pews fortunately). This is Erin's (6 and the tiniest one there) first sleep over apart from Grandma's house.
We arrived late, in the traditional Miller fashion, though tonight we had a genuine excuse, being that Mercedes threw up on the way and we had nothing to clean her up with so we had to stop for some wipes at a nearby shopping centre.
Merc had been sick earlier in the day (hope it isn't catching) while she was screaming/crying because her head hurt so much. She even requested a bandaid on her forehead to make her feel better! After her small session of throwing up, and a cold cloth to her head I was able to calm her down and put her on her bed while I dealt with something else. Poor kid, that must have been one bad headache!

On the plus side, we did pick up some yummy veggie seedlings to try out in our garden. We picked up 2 lots of corn (different ages so hopefully different harvesting dates), lettuce, a strawberry plant (gets bright pink flowers), broccolli and something else I can't quite remember! I also picked up some chamomile seeds so I can try growing those again, this time in seed raising mix!

Exercise & Seedlings

Since I last wrote I have done some park playing with hubby and the kids. Lots of frisbee throwing and ball kicking while swinging the youngest on the swing. Oh, and I rode there and back.
Nothing so far today as the gardening I had planned didn't go ahead as the seedlings wilted because i left them out in the sun! Doh! Now that we are holidays (school holidays) I can give it another go, possibly at a cooler time of the day, not that the holidays are an excuse to do that though.

In the seedling pots we have
- rosellas
- lettuce
- carrots
- corn (only two so far)
- and a few other things I can't quite remember which were which. We may have radishes in there also, or it may be the aphid control flowers also.


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