Using RSS to view this site

Did you know you can get the updates for this website without having to actually go to the site?

Yes you can!

This site uses a feature called RSS to do that. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.

What this means is that this site creates a RSS feed and you can read that feed using a RSS reader.

Think email.

Everytime Dan posts information to this site that sends out the information and your reader can get it. Unlike email though you can control what you do and don't get.

Read more information about RSS on SpyJournal Blog Tips.

danandpris Feeds

The Syndication Page has links to every feed this site makes. Once you have a feed reader installed simply copy this link http://www.danandpris.com/?q=node/feed to your reader.

Feed Readers

About.com lists links to free RSS readers you can download and install for Windows, Mac and Linux.