Tuesday was a busy day in my normally busy lifestyle. (I really enjoyed the holidays when there was no extra curricular stuff)
The day started with dropping Miranda at card classes late, and then up to the running tracks for some practice with Jade. Erin and Merc joined in and played around. Aunty Jo and her bubs came to visit us while we were at the park/sports oval. The kids played at the park and then went over to feed the ducks with some bread they were given by other people.
On the way to pick up some material, the car started making a strange sound from one of the tyres. It sounded like I had a flat tyre but didn't drive like I had one. I had to pull over 3 times before I found out the culprit (a wad of tape stuck to the front right tyre)
Then it was off to pick up some material for Jade, Erin and Merc.
Late to picking up Miranda and home again.
We were only home for 3.5hrs before heading out for girls brigade, first for Erin's 5pm class, then at 6.30pm for Miranda and Jade's class.
They say they have to start early since they will have 4 yr olds joining and a 8pm finish time is too late for them. At the moment it is only two 5yr olds in the class.
Back home at 9pm and all the kids to bed (even the hyperactive almost 3yr old), a catch up on emails, a quick chat on a reptile chat then off to bed.


Only 3 days till I get my baby snakes.

Welcome To Emily

(Mum is very tired as Emily is less then a day old)
My newest niece came into this world on Sunday 12 November at 7.06pm
She is the cutest thing, and reminds me a lot of Mercedes when she was born.
She was 8lb 10 oz born by c-section.
She has a cleft lip and palate but that will be fixed up over the next year. She is still full of that newborn cuteness.
We are off to see them again on Wednesday night.

Grandpa & Me

My grandfather came for a visit a couple of days ago. It was a nice break to the routine and gave us an excuse to take the afternoon of of schoolwork.
My grandfather became a widow, almost 2 years ago, and has found it hard at times being away from family, so he goes visiting, or on holidays. This is my thinking anyhow.
He was down this time because he had to see an eye specialist (due to a slight oil burn on his eye) but all seems to be going well and apart from that he is in as good health as you would expect for someone of his age. While he was here, he counted up his great-grandchildren and they numbered at 10.
It was good to see him and he seems to have plenty of life left in him yet, plus he has planned a trip to New Zealand for October.
My sister, who was driving him around between appointments, also stopped in to visit. She is 6 months pregnant with her first kid and is only really just starting to show.

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