Hectic, slow, too fast, not enough, too much, frustrating, controlling, awkward and relaxing. They are some of the words that describe my life right now.
Sometimes I want to yell at people to stop butting in, sometimes I do yell at people. Most of the time I don't. Sometimes it feels like others are trying to rule my life, making decisions in my name without me even knowing about it, and then telling other people this is what we have decided. I just want to be myself.
It is the holidays at the moment so I guess I have that going for me. I have built up a database with a heap of previous lessons in it, this will make my life easier. I have almost cleared the laundry of laundry. The mountains of dishes have been done (with a little help...sometimes it pays to ignore the work until someone else does it for you)
I had a heap of stuff running through my head, which I wanted to write up but then I got to posting pictures and relaxed, calmed some and flopped!
Time to get to folding laundry I guess. Maybe tonight, before I make the bed with fresh sheets will I do some drawing. Maybe... We will see what happens, cause it is something I like to do without people looking over my shoulder.
Time to get back to work.
At least I don't have to cook dinner tonight!

Rambling : Cold Water Running Hot

If only I could remember the great title I had thought up before bubs yelled for my attention (she is tired but refuses to sleep and I haven't set up her cot back in the nursery). Well, she is still sick, spotty and grumpy, while eating little amounts and not really knowing what she wants. One good thing though, she isn't too big a fan on lollies during this bought of sickness. She prefers watermelon, cherries (real ones) and grapes. She is currently going through my day bag/purse/nappy bag and exploring the blank pages of my drawing book I just bought. With a pencil.

Back to my original idea for a post.

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