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Register for Open Cooking Course 001 - free issue included

The new cooking course is started! Hooray!

The first issue is available as a free issue! The remainder of the course will be 20 fortnightly issues.

Each issue will contain at least 2 major meal recipes as well as additional information about the ingredients, recipe or health and cooking advice.

These courses are aimed at the family cook, children who have fair to advanced cooking skills and anybody who wants an easy answer to the "what are we having for dinner?" cry.

All the previous courses are available as back issues in a set and have been bundled at a good discount for those who want access to them all. See e-Course pricing.

Take them now and I will answer any questions you have by email for the whole 40 week period.
Register now!

If you have already registered and want to get access to another course than please email Judith with teh course you want to access. Once payment has been received Judith will give you access to that course.

There is a sample attached - simply follow this link to find the pdf file.
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Basic Courses- 3 terms = 9 lessons and a test, 8 lessons and a test and 12 lessons plus a certificate. $25
Advanced Courses 3 terms = 9 lessons and a test, 8 lessons and a test and 12 lessons plus a certificate. $25
Take all basic and advanced lessons for $35

All prices in Australian dollars. Pay on the side bar using Paypal to use your credit card. We also accept direct deposit (Australians only).

Cooking e-Course 2007

We have had a few hiccups at the begining of this year and unfortunately a delay in the starting date. I hope to have the first lesson up and going by Thursday evening.

We are also changing the lesson structure this year, in the hope that one lesson will be suitable for both new and experienced cooks.
The size of the lesson has changed, as well as the format, which will hopefully appeal to all.

This year we hope to focus mainly on healthy food choices, or ways that we can substitute the less healthy alternatives for something that still tastes great and is good for us.

As an added bonus, I am offering this first lesson free of charge while we negotiate the lower, more family friendly fees.


The cooking e-course is set to begin on Thursday 1st February.
There will be a few changes made to it this year and the details of payment and lessons will be announced closer to the date.


Cookery e-Course News

Hi and welcome to the last 9 weeks of the school year. I would like to thank you all for the support that you have shown by continuing with these lessons, especially during the last term when lessons were not quite regular. Hopefully these next 2 months will be a little more regular.

It was stated, before holidays began, that we would be looking at festive food in the coming term. We will do that indeed but also look at alternatives, healthy eating and possibly a few craft ideas thrown in as extras.

I understand that not everyone celebrates Christmas with large gatherings around a steaming hot turkey, roast vegetables and a boiled pudding, and that is why we have decided to look at different foods. These recipes can be used for the festive season or they can be used as normal meals throughout the year.

Apart from this, you may notice a slight change in the e-courses and emails that come out to you. We have updated our business logos and will slowly be incorporating them into the many different aspects of our business'.

Thank you again, and the first lessons for the new term shall be out sometime this week.

Cookery e-Course News - Holiday Extra

Thanks for sticking with us over this muddled up and extra busy last term.

Since the school holidays are upon us I thought I would do something slightly different from the normal e-course. I have sourced a variety of recipes which I will make and then pass onto you. These lessons will be something you can make if you wish, or something you can keep and do at a later date. The recipes will be, hopefully, something fun that you will enjoy making until the next lesson officially arrives.

Term 3 lessons will continue from October 16, 2006 and in it we will be looking at different foods that are associated with the festive season.

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