Bumper Crop

The strawberry season is technically over but our plants are producing more then they ever have. I have already mentioned this before, but this morning I was a little surprised at the amount I actually brought in. It was just as well that I had the forsight to take a container with me as there was more then I would have been able to carry in my hands. The runners are still growing proficiently and those which I have placed in pots seem to have taken and it shouldn't be too long before they are able to be seperated from the parent plant. Next years strawberry season should be a good one, with at least twice as many plants producing.

Running The Race

Our strawberries have taken the mark, have gotten ready and then gone! Their runners are threatening to take over that patch of the garden. This afternoon I set about arranging the runners (and their rooted ends) into pots, hoping that they will take and then I will be able to seperate them from their mother plants. There are a few that I have missed and lots of new runners coming into the game. Next year I think we will just grow strawberries in the back garden instead of anything else!

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