Gardening & Dr Who

Well, time has flown and the school term has almost finished! Yippee!!
Apart from this, the latest season of Dr Who is finished. The last two episodes were amazing and obviously led onto the beginning of the season for next year (or just the Christmas special).
Davids Dr Who Site
There is one more season before David Tennant (The Doctor) takes a break from filming to do live stage production, then it will be 2010 before we see any more of The Doctor. At least we still have one more season to go!

Hubby was a great help yesterday and helped to make the back garden a better place. He dug it over. See his story about digging here
Now that the garden has been dug I will be able to plant in the seedlings I have growing out back. I wish I could just remember which pot held what seedling! They are too young to tell for sure which is which exactly, though I am sure that the ones with the round leaves are the rosella plants (some of which I am giving away)

They are doing well and the dog isn't barking anymore at them except for the occasional bark.

Luke & Lucy are growing well and the colours are just getting better and better with age.
The central netted dragons are pretty much into breeding mode already and I am sure one of the girls is gravid already.


Nothing too personal here.
My confession today is that I like Barbie movies. (The movies, not the dolls. I am not too interested in the dolls)
Why I like Barbie movies is because there is always true love, pretty princess(es), good wins out over evil, cute talking animals, nice music and all that girly stuff without the grey stuff in between.
Of course Barbie isn't the best role model for a young girl, what with her slender, well endowed (not so busty anymore though) figure and always seeming to wear makeup. But I still like the movies.
Today the kids and I watched 'Barbie as the Island Princess' on TV and it definately kept up to the same standards as the previous Barbie movies.
Another thing that is good about the movies is there is never anything to suggest other then pure characters and nothing that ever puts them in a place where their purity is tested.
So far our Barbie movie collection is : Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Princess & The Pauper, Magic of Pegasus, 12 Dancing Princess, Barbie Diaries, Fairytopia, and Rapunzel. I think that is all of them!

Dr Who 2006

We watched the final episode for Dr Who (2006 series) last night and it was a rather surprising ending. I liked having Rose Tyler there. I guess I will have to wait till the next season to find out who the new girl is. I hope she is as good as Rose!

When Christopher Ecclestone left as being The Doctor and David Tennant took his place, there was quite a few things said (read on forums, etc) but I think he was a good fit and I am glad he wasn't exactly like the old doctor.

Enough said for now. Roll on next season Doctor Who!!!

Alias Final

What a surprising ending to the series. I can't wait to see how it turns out in the next series but I suppose I will have to. Just as Vaughan was about to confess his deep dark secret to Sydney, a car slammed into the side of his. The sudden, unexpected crash made me jump from my seat in surprise. Lets hope the wait isn't too long!

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