Conversations with a 4yr old

Working in the kitchen this morning, I had the following conversation with M4
Me: Can I have the milk please
M4 passes me the milk
Me: Thankyou
M4: Your welcome
M4: I farted, smell my bum!

I did not teach her that! lol!

Pink Is The Colour

I gave up on the red dress, decided to do something I new I could. I had some pink polar fleece I bought a few years ago so I decided to turn it into something the kids would wear. M4 got a pink hoody and E6 got a pink beanie.
They both like what I made them.
The best bit being that they were simple and quick to put together.

Mercedes 4th Birthday

Today is Mercedes 4th birthday.
Our baby is growing up quickly!
She hates to be called baby and always corrects us by saying "I Say-dees".
She doesn't like kisses or prayers anymore but will still let you do them, and giggles when you kiss her.
She likes to draw on herself (but I think most 4 yr olds are like this when confronted with feltpens)
She still likes her 'milky' and has her sippy cup which she uses.
Her eyes haven't changed and they are still blue with a brown centre.
Her smile lights up the room and is frequent on her face (unless she is fighting with her sisters)

She still prefers pants over skirts and dresses and the longest we can get her to keep them on is for 5 minutes.
She loves to draw and will quite happily do that (even if it is on the floor, her belly, book, etc)
She will quite often create little games to play by herself, either sitting on her bed or just by herself in a quiet part of the house. She is not embarrassed by this.
She still has blonde hair!
She is loved.

For her birthday this year I took upon myself a challenge and made her a shirred top for her, and a pair of matching pants. Shirring was a lot easier then I expected. The pants are already in the wash. They are in her favourite colour, pink! I am sure she likes them (hopefully she will wear the dress like top)

Sleep Talking

Mercedes half woke up during the night, wanting her nilky (milk). After a while I went back to remove the cup from her but found her still half awake.
Me : "Why are you still awake?"
Merc : "I am not an elephant"

Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce + toddler = mess half the length of the house.
Fortunately we got to it before it set and cleaned it off the walls, and off the tiles. It never made it's way to the carpeted areas fortunately but it did leave a worn out, possibly cranky mother who had to wash walls and floors.
It can't be any worse then the noodles though. Dry crunchy noodles don't cling to walls and can be easily swept up!

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