Being Me

My New Years resolution is to just be me, a better me, then the year before.

This past year I felt like I wasn’t being who I could be (especially in the last few months when life was hectic and upset) so I made the decision to be a better me. To improve my health, strength, weight and personal stuff.


I want to not be restricted in my creative abilities and find time to pursue it.

I want to study nutrition so I can perform better and those around me can perform better also

I want to cook healthier, more often

I want to be a better teacher to my kids and encourage them more

I want to run better and for longer, or at least finish a long trail run comfortably, even if I have to walk some.

I want to loose weight. Ideally 10kg would be nice, but 15kg would be even better. (I don’t want to be a skinny person though, one in the happy medium area)

I want to wear what I want to wear and be comfortable in it

I want to settle into a house for a few years (at least) and de-clutter

I want to wear skirts or dresses while running

I want to create more, design more, and tackle a project bigger then I have done before



angel_back1Angels are everywhere, helping us when we don’t deserve it, when we are faced with a job too big just for one, and when we are worn out.

Angels don’t need to be the dressed all in white, with white feathery wings springing from their back, but they can be the type which are disguised as friends, strangers with a kind word, and that miraculous escape. They are the ones who are there when you need them the most whether you know it or not. They are put into your life, and even if you don’t believe in God, you can still see the sense in what I am saying.

I have seen evidence of angels lately and I thought I would point them out, just to show you how everyday they can be.

Example 1 – Our next door neighbour’s son was involved in a pretty bad accident a couple of weeks ago, with his front passenger seat ending up behind the drivers seat. He did sustain some bad injuries, which landed him in ICU for 2 days, but he was out of hospital within a week. According to what I heard, he shouldn’t have been here, especially with the damage the car sustained. Even his mother agreed someone was watching over him that day.

The Mummy Report

Dear J-Mummy,

IMG_4731I thought about doing up a blog post, I also thought about just sending you sms’s, I also thought about not saying a word, but instead I decided to write a letter (pictures included) about the time you graciously left little Em with us.IMG_4893

She is a darling sweet little child, full of life and excitement. She was a pleasure to care for. We totally exhausted her by taking her out lots and having little excursions. One particular trip that was memorable was our day out at Australia Zoo. There was so much to see and do there that it would have been hard for her to take it all in. We didn’t even get a chance to see the whole zoo.

While not eating much, she did drink a bit of milk, eat a few sausages and totally enjoy a whole single scoop rainbow ice-cream (that we had at the zoo).

What I Did On My Holidays

Pictures say more then  I could say, so instead of writing about it, I will just share a few pictures with you.

IMG_4184 Bags for Christmas giftsIMG_4533Gifts from friends in America

IMG_4541Baked potatoes in a cheese sauce  IMG_4557Unexpected flowers in the garden

My Day So Far

IMG_4546IMG_4539Let’s start off with this guy first. He is holding a LAN this weekend. A 30 hour LAN. That is a lot of gaming time. And I have been ‘contracted’ to cater for it. I think I can get in under budget for the catering so that is great. He is what started off my day of busyness.

Then M4 came in with a flower she picked from one of my potted plants. I am sure it is a type of hibiscus, but I am not totally sure which type of hibiscus it actually is. It is supposed to be a native plant. It has flowered twice already and the flowers have produced some type of fruit, which is still growing, on the plant. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

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