Mums On The Run in Pictures

20111128_MOTheR220111128_MOTheRI asked my 12yr old (nearly 13 as she would remind me) daughter to draw a couple of pictures of mums on the run. This is what she came up with.

I could see these on a shirt somewhere

Poor Me

My knees hurt, I need to loose weight and I am tired.

I hate complaining, but we all do it, and sometimes it even stops us from getting out and running. I know it stops me and that is why I have given myself a challenge, well, more of a lifestyle change. I am giving myself until Christmas to change a few things, get ready for the new year and form some good habits.

There are stretches, and exercises, that I can do to strengthen my knees and legs. This should take away a lot of the knee pain.

There are diet habits which can be changed, and will be easy since we are in the time of the year when salads and fresh fruit are plentiful (and my garden is blooming), so loosing weight and still enjoying food shouldn’t be a problem. This will help all three complaints to disappear.

I have started planning a daily exercise regimen which will include a variety of exercises (strength, aerobic, stretches). I have made it easy to achieve and simple enough that my girls (7yrs through to 15yrs) should be able to replicate in their lives. It is only short so time shouldn’t be a problem, and it can always be expanded as I get fitter, stronger and healthier.

I want to be able to do more and not be held back by injuries, so I need to start now, not later. There will be no New Years resolutions from me. Next year is already starting for me and I am setting small, achievable goals which will hopefully rub off on the rest of the family also.

How do you get past the complaints?

Can I

It's just over a month till Christmas, so that is only about 3 weeks of school left (for us anyhow, or at least until I have had enough). Had a good morning of exercises with the younger two and it got me thinking..If I can do something, whether it be stretches, aerobic, or muscle toning, I can/could do something every day, and if I can make it till Christmas then I should have some good habits going. Hopefully by the new year I will be able to start back strong and ready to go (next year is already a busy year)


I was watching the folk today and it is interesting to see the differences between them all.
Everyone seems to have a different interpretation as to what is suitable sports clothes. There are kids running around in jeans, winter weight long sleeve shirts, long heavy denim skirts, good casual clothes, joggers, sports clothes, etc. But what seems to really matter is that none of them actually care what anyone else is wearing. They still all get along together and play the game (which happens to be Frisbee and tiggy)?
The families are all different, come from different places and have different lives with the main thing in common being that they all belong to the same school. No one is outcast because they are different unless they choose to do it to themself.
While at activity day the parents will sit, craft, chat, share a cuppa and relax while the teachers take over their job for the day.
I personally like to craft, occasionally chat with friends and take some down time while the kids learn on their own.
Sometimes I wouldn't mind if they offered something for the adults to do, and I guess in a way they do. They provide an environment where the parents feel safe enough to let there kids go off on their own to classes and ever since I dragged that first table out, they now provide tables so people can craft or do stuff while the kids are in classes.

(written on my phone and emailed to myself while observing the sports activity)

Sewing Mojo

It has been gone for a while and I think it is coming back, with the help of this pattern

I have made 5 pairs of tights! And I am being patient and waiting to make the adult tights (I am also out of any suitably sized pieces of lycra/knit material). (Note: There is a pink pair of tights also)

2011-04-24 sewing 0042011-04-24 sewing 006

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