A Group Effort

M12, E6 & I, with the added input of hubby, put together a guinea pig 'nursery' today.
It isn't overly large but should be adequate enough for M12's guinea pig when she has her pups. It has a base on it so it can be inside for the cool nights we are currently having.
It took us just over 2 hours to put this together and I only forgot to countersink the holes before putting in the screws. When I remembered I couldn't find the right bit for the drill anyhow.
It will do for a time and eventually I will put these refreshed skills into use and make myself some type of reptile cage, hatchy rack, etc. I have a year to plan, so it is all good!
Maybe I could make myself some shelving for all of my materials, neaten it up a bit.
Lots of ideas forming at the moment, but I won't let it take over what projects I currently have on the go (my sister's hooded blouse, art classes, bread making, teaching the kids, etc etc)

Bridal Expo

E6 did her second modelling stint today. She modelled a flower girl dress in the fashion parade that my mum's shop was in.

She had been so excited about doing it and had constantly asked me if it was time to leave or not this morning.

Afterwards the kids had a bit of fun with the free farm animals petting zoo and bouncy castle outside. We must have chosen the perfect time as there were no crowds.

While at the Bridal Expo we met up with an ex-babysitter of ours. Her sister is getting married.


I just put on a slow pork roast. Hopefully it will be ready for dinner in about 6 hrs time!

Show Holiday

It is a show holiday today! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
It has totally mucked up my day and my plans.
No post office open - can't send mail unless I am prepared to drive about 45minutes in any one direction.
Dunno about the bread run tonight though. I will have to ring to check that out. Now I have to find the number.
They are open! So that is still on.
M12's SU Camp is organised, broken glass cleaned up, kids are actually doing their chores, I think.
Enough chatter, time to get moving, so more.


Today started off early. M12 was sick, hubby was asleep (he went to bed at 4am), M4 was up and bouncing, while E6 was sound asleep, though not for very long.
Today was art class day. I didn't go. I felt too overwhelmed with everything, and I knew hubby wouldn't cope too well with the lack of sleep (he has already had a sleeping session in front of the TV, which he says he IS watching/listening to).
When he did get up, he played with the kids, sorta while I did a little work on my blackberry (forgot to get a pic of that). I was still tired so a rest was in order, well as much rest as you can get with kids wanting things.
Anyhow, I did get a few things done today, apart from the ordinary.

The first thing to be completed was putting some sultanas in a bowl, with some blackcurrant syrup, to soak. I will make up a fruit cake tomorrow with the fruit.

Next was convincing hubby that I can use his tools competently and make a base for an old, large, bird cage we have, and turn it into an external reptile enclosure. But I did it, with only a few hiccups along the way. I also had J9, M12 & E6 help at different stages throughout the process. J9 was drilling holes for me at one stage too!

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