Well, tonight has been interested.
I read a story by candle light (the light of a few candles), had a bbq dinner and slept all of the kids together.
We have just come out of a nice long blackout, after a horrendous storm -
We had the heavy lid of the compost bin torn off and thrown around the yard, our largest tree snapped in half, the branch of another one snapped and lying across the roof (yet to inspect that one better), and our fence is now leaning at an akward angle towards our neighbours roof (have to get the real estate onto that one).
So, this means our monday morning will be spent cleaning up after the storm, by pruning trees, and on the phone to the real estate.
Power was restored at 1.45am and there are still many houses without power yet.


BSOD stands for blue screen of death. My trusty pc decided it was time for a holiday yesterday. It is currently out of action since it needs a rebuild. We tried, with no success, to boot it up from an old backup but that didn't work, so it was a complete rebuild. Hopefully this will fix the problem.
The rebuild would be done by now if it hadn't been for the multiple mini blackouts we had this afternoon. The mini blackouts were eventually followed by a proper blackout which lasted till just after hubby went out (at least 30 minutes).
In the meantime I am sharing the staff computer, or the kids computer. Regardless of which one I use, I am pretty much out of action since the kids follow me pretty much everywhere and we can't have them playing in the office.
Enough rambling from me.
Time for bed, long day tomorrow.

Getting Crafty and Mice


IMG_3225-smlI thought this picture was the best one to show off my new pants. Especially since I didn’t think a shot of my rear end was the best for this blog.


IMG_3207-sml First things first, my sister had her routine scan done yesterday and she is having a girl! Another niece for me.

Secondly, E7’s mouse had her babies last night. There are at least 9 in there. Poor mouse is so tired. She feeds the babies then wanders off to the other side of the cage to sleep. We have housed her cage mate (and boyfriend) in our spare bachelor pad (the boys house away from the females). This means that in 3 weeks time I will be culling a new batch of mice, though this time I am allowing the girls to sell some of the babies for pets. I am hoping that between our females, we will have enough mice to feed the snakes (and the new ones coming next year).

Dinner For Two


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