My Morning Walk


Changes are in the air:

  • Grub has learnt to take off her nappy and today we have spent a good part putting it back on or a new one on
  • Grub looks like she is toilet training herself as she quite regularly goes toilet before a bath/shower and has also gone a few times today when I found her naked
  • Hubby found a 3 month contract. Yippee! First decent bit of work in almost 6 months
  • Jade has stopped listening to me but she still likes her alone time with mum
  • Today and tomorrow are my last days on the paper round. I didn't get much done today as it was slow going this morning and I ended up with two tag-alongs (Jade and Mercedes both woke up extra early today - sunrise)
  • Only 4 weeks till I launch (or hope to launch) my Cooking e-Course.
  • Rapid weather changes due to still frequent storms (not as often as they had been)
  • I own a mp3 player, though it isn't the one I want but it is good enough for me for the moment.
  • I have done some major clean ups, even though they aren't really noticeable
  • I made 4 Christmas stockings - 1 aussie theme, 1 green with gold embroidered trim, 1 purple with gold trim, 1 pink with gold trim. I am also attempting to make a knee length gypsy skirt (I am currently unpicking everything I just sewed up on it!)

Too Tired

I am soooo tired. These extra early mornings and late nights folding are ruining me. I just need to sleep! But I can't, it is only 10am and I have kids to school, housework to be done and a few errands to run. Oh yeah, and fights to mediate.

Errors & Shoes

Grub In The Mail Box
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Grub (Mercedes) loves her shoes and any other shoes that she can get her hands (and feet) onto. While shopping for a pair of shoes for Erin the other day Mercedes was not content until she received her own pair (even though they were only a cheap pair). After that she was pretty happy for the remainder of the shopping trip. This girl loves shoes so much that she is wearing a pair of jiffy shoes at the moment and insists on putting on the pair of shoes that catches her fancy. She likes to wear jewellery also and have her hair done. I finally got a real little girl!!! Well, one that likes girly stuff from an early age and not one who would rather have short hair then have to put it up and brush it.

The other morning at an incredibly early time, I spotted a pair of black cockatoos flying past. These animals are on the endangered list and I have not seen any in the area for a few years. This made my morning.

Street Walking

Introducing Me!

I am an stay-at-home, school-at-home, work-at-home mum. Age, weight, height and other details are not important, but the jobs I do are.
As you can see these are my 4 bubs. We have EE, Grub, Lala and J. They take up most of my time, well they are a 24/7 job really. Currently I only know where one is and that is the grub, whom is sitting at her sisters desk trying to be big and colour in whatever paper she can find. I think EE is in the bathroom playing in a sink of water and the other two are most likely hiding from the chores which they know they have to do. They are my life and my life seems to revolve around them and the man I married.

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