Why do I keep getting a day behind myself? At least I am consistent!

Yesterday was more me then them day.

Church started the day and since the sunday school staff are on a 4 week break the kids are having a break also. I ended up taking the kids down to the regular rooms and we watched a DVD. It was too short I think. Next time, we will watch something longer, and possibly enjoy popcorn, provided I remember to bring it. So that was alright and I spent most of my time sitting on the floor and cuddling E6.

After that it was home for lunch and preparing for the night. Our house guests farewell dinner. His father, step-mum, and some mutual friends came for dinner. It was great fun and a few small speeches were made. As was to be expected, there was more then enough dinner and dessert. (And the kids played Wii all night apart from dinner time)

Before dinner, I headed out to a women's afternoon tea which was put on by our church. It was fun and I did not feel uncomfortable at all being there. It went an hour longer then I expected but I didn't need to be home so it was all good. While there we did a whole big tea tasting presentation. I wouldn't mind holding a tea tasting party sometime in the next month or so. I am also wondering which tea I liked the best from the tea tasting yesterday, so I could buy some. If I do that though I will need to buy a tea strainer/infuser first as this is all loose leaf stuff.


I just won 100 meters of picot elastic on eBay! Picot elastic is the type of elastic they use on underwear. I am sure I will find other uses for it.

Apart from that I have done some more sewing. I took the plunge and tried out my birthday present (I got it almost a month ago), an overlocker. Once I worked out that a certain bit had to be put up, and why my mum used to thread her overlocker the way she did it was happy sailing. I now have 6 cushions covered in some fabric remnants I picked up from Spotlight ($5 fill a bag). I have one monster pillow to work out what I want to do with. I could cover it or I could make it into new things. Not sure yet.

Later on I will get back into sewing, well just knocking up a trial chef jacket to test the altered pattern I made. I am using an old bed sheet for this.

Tomorrow I am off to a women's thing/afternoon tea/tea tasting without the kids! Woot!

To Start The Day

I started the day off with a little exercise (while the kids were happy or asleep).
60 sit ups
10 crunches
30 pushups
20 lunges (10 each leg)
20 lying hamstring crunches

Vegie Pour Overs + My Day

Not too long ago I signed up for a site ( ), which is run by Kraft, after receiving an email inviting me to join, which was personally sent by a Kraft representative. I decided to check it out and thought I would give it a go. Upon signing up they promised to send out 4 pour over flavours to me. I received my flavours the other day. The flavours all look so yum!

We have only opened the cheese flavoured vegie pour over so far. I tested it on the kids. E6 loves it and will eat it with everything she can. The rest liked their initial taste test but then at dinner time tonight (we tried it on vegies) they gave it the thumbs down. So that gives it a rating of 1 out of 4. Hubby tried it also and liked it on his vegies but not on it's own. I liked it on my vegies also, but not in a huge amount as the taste was stronger then I imagined. I guess you could say that it is now a 3 out of 6.

Now onto my day. Two words describe it - eBay sales. I had to post off 4 sales today. I guess this is good except when you are trying to work out how to pack those speakers into a flimsy cardboard box without it breaking since you don't have any other boxes in the whole entire house that it fits into well enough. In the end there was a lot of tape! There was a lot of tape for the squash racket and toner kits also. Apart from this my day was pretty normal, well sortof.


I am worn out today, I feel as if I need toothpicks to keep my eyes open. Yes, I am going to bed soon. As soon as it has been remade.
Today I decided, after a little help from the bladder itself, to swap over the old waterbed bladder for the new one, which arrived yesterday afternoon. I am glad I didn't try to do it yesterday as it took about 4 hours to drain the bed of water! After about 2 hrs I put in a second hose to quicken things up. Filling up the bed took around half hour though! Now it just needs to be made up and collapsed into, provided the boys don't want to play games tonight.

On a different note, last night i picked up the bread (we are doing a bread run while a friend is on holidays) and were rather surprised to see how much we had to pick up. I had to put down the back row of seats in our car just to fit it all in! I would say it was 3 times the normal amount. I dropped some off at mum's, then at another couples house, then got home. I sent the kids out roaming the streets to see if the regular takers wanted any. Well they roamed our street and just around the corner. After they had taken their share, there was still plenty left, so I advertised it on freecycle and the homeschool boards I am on. Some people didn't collect, others took away heaps. We still have plenty left. I think tomorrow I will be dropping the remaining bread off at the pastor's office.

Ok, time to go make the bed..

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