A Big Day

Today has been a huge day. So much has happened that I want to write about, and that could take a while! So I will condense it.
Firstly, I am hungry. My dinner did not satisfy me, nor dessert (Dreamy Donuts). Perhaps I will have to fond something else.
Today started off with a trip to the city. I headed to the baby expo with my sister to score freebies, and loose M4. We did find her after 5 or so minutes of hunting. Well, the security guards found her and then my sister was given her and then I was there after a short call from my sister.
We did score heaps of freebies also.
While I was there with J9 & M4 (my sis and E1 too), M12 & E6 were at the museum with NZ GDad & GMa.
We headed back there to pick them up at the appointed time, then it was off to get lost in the inner city streets, find a small incense store, buy some incense (strong stuff), get lost again, find my way about, get to McD's for lunch.
Then it was cutting through back streets to get onto the road I wanted, and to a shopping centre for some tea tasting. We shopped at T2. Some yum stuff there. I bought some rooibos tea for myself and some other turkish cherry stuff for everyone.
Home finally with an hour to go before I get everyone, but E6 & M4, out the door and off to the cinemas. They are going to watch Prince Caspian tonight.
Time to relax, sit back and put my feet up.

M11 turns 12

M11 turns 12 today, so I guess she is no longer M11 but is now M12. Almost a teenager!
We had a quiet morning with pressies around the table, pancakes for breakfast. We will have lunch soon followed by fudge slice.
Tomorrow night we will go to the movies and Saturday we will go out to lunch.
Will write more later.

How To Make Kids Have Fun

Give them something and tell them to throw it other people.

Yesterday was PE day. I took the 8's and under in what I hoped was a fun filled PE lesson. We worked mainly on hand eye co-ordination by using balls as our main tool.

We started off using the so-ordinated kids pack I received a year or so ago - (I can't find the website. I hope they haven't folded as it was a great idea). The older kids had no problem doing these exercises, the little kids had more problems but that was too be expected.

After this is was a quick jog across to the other side of the field to the basketball square where we spent the majority of our time.

One of the kids in my group is a natural leader and is full of ideas. You can pretty much give him anything and he will be able to make a game from it, suitable for the group. The majority of the kids naturally, willingly, follow him as well.
Some of the things we did was basketball dribbling, basketball passing, handball (smaller and harder to hit balls), piggy in the middle (3 different versions), follow the leader, obstacle course and a relay type of game. Oh, we also played a mini game of football, with altered rules because everyone wanted to be captain.

Apart from PE, my in-laws arrived yesterday and we had our house guest go pick them up after which we traded cars and I spent 10 minutes or more getting a tired M4 into a seat.

Last night was also a bread run and we came home with heaps, and heaps, and heaps. Now to get rid of it all.
I stopped doing work at 9.30pm last night.

Day 23

Did I do day 22? Yep I did. Maybe I have finally caught up with myself, or maybe I am just avoiding the work I have to do. I think it is the avoiding thing. I am yet to prepare PE for tomorrow. I am dealing with the little kids (8yrs and under). They are great at paying attention but I am not the natural leader I try to be. Hopefully I will be more organised and have a better plan for tomorrow.

Apart from this busy-ness, our neighbours have decided to sell, and complain and get verbal. Well he hasn't and has been rather embarrassed by his wife, she has. They have complained about our dog barking constantly from 8pm at night till very late. Since the first time they complained I have been keeping an ear out for my dog. She is not a constant barker. She is a watch dog, mouser and door bell. Oh, and she doesn't like their cat who walks along the rock wall which separates our property. The neighbours have also talked to the other neighbours about us and admitted to doing so this afternoon.
For the last month and a bit I have been being friendly with one of the neighbours, giving them bread, etc.
I am not going to worry too much about this, I will be cautious though. I have encouraged the kids to be nice to their kids still though. We can't go to her level and be like them as that is not a good example for her kids, or our kids. We need to show the kids that we can be better, that these things should be dealt with properly and nicely.
The husband is nice and deals with things properly. He has always been nice to the kids or hubby and dealt with things as they should be.

Vegie Pour Overs - Roasted Garlic & Rosemary

We tried this sauce tonight. What can I say but 'Yum!'.
At first smell it didn't quite smell as I expected it, but I gave it the taste test before putting it into dinner tonight.
The taste test, well, it reminded me of roast dinners, roasted garlic (which I really enjoy) and roast potatoes. It was perfect for what I wanted to do tonight. I used last night's left over roast vegies and pork, chopped it up, tossed the sauce through it and topped with cheese. Baked for about 20 minutes and served. The flavours were muted somewhat when mixed with the other ingredients but they still added a nice touch to the meal. I will definitely enjoy using this one again.
This sauce gets a rating of 4 out of 4 from the adults, and a 1 out of 4 from the kids (they didn't even try it apart from M4). So the total tally is 5 out of 8. If the kids don't try it, or enjoy it, that means more for myself and should bring a new meaning to mashed potatoes.

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