July 4th

Today we will be celebrating July 4th with some friends.
My plan is to make some blue, red & white cupcakes, marinate some chicken wings and find sparklers we may have in the cupboard.
Busy day, and hope to remember to take plenty of photos.

*Edit* I forgot the camera!


July so far has been busy, followed by sick, followed by recovering, followed by busy, busy, busy, entertaining (relaxing too).
My sewing to do list
good pants for J9
Fix-ups on various clothes
Top for myself (to wear under red dress)
Knickers for younger 2 (I did win 100m of picot elastic off eBay so I do NEED to use it)
Large cover for large cushion

A Little Slack

Sorry for being so slack in keeping up this thing. Life has been extra busy and when it comes to the end of the day with only half of my to-do list done, I don't really feel like writing anything up here.
In brief
I have done more on my duck, just not scanned it in
I have filled out compensation forms for Australia Post in regards to a missing parcel
I have refunded the money that was paid out..didn't like it but I did it
I have just picked up a Monday night bread run
I am trying to keep on top of the laundry
I am so tired at the moment...maybe it is time to drink that flavoured black tea (it has caffeine in it!)
These floors never ever seem to stay clean. If it isn't grass it is toys
Did I mention the laundry?
Oh and there has been a lot of running around also
My eldest sister visited this morning with her two boys. It was good to see them all
Hubby is working hard and I am having to do stuff for him also
Tonight is the last night of my Tuesday night bread run. Woot!
Soup is boiling, need to go check it, seperate the meat and freeze what we aren't using tonight, before the freezer fills up with bread. Thankfully there were no freebies at Communicare today, that needed freezing.

Stay Home Day

Today is a stay at home day for J9 and myself. J9 is getting over a head cold and needs to rest, I am tired and need to sleep. Maybe when the others get home.
This weekend has been a full one. J9 went to a party for one of her best friend's yesterday. The whole family was invited as well, so we went also. After lunch we headed off back to their place for cake and the kids to play.
I came home with a bed frame for M4 (just need to get a mattress) and set that up this morning. It just needs the screws tightened. I have the frame (minus the slats) around her old bed, which needs replacing.
It has just been busy days, with more to come.

Please Pray

I have a friend in need of prayers right now. I am not going to say anymore about this except...Please Pray for her and her family right now.

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