The Things Kids Say

J9 came up to me, eating an apple and said
"My head was so hot that I got a migration. So I am eating this apple and it is making it go away"

When There Is Nothing Else To Talk About...

Talk about the weather.
It is a bright sunny day today but also cold! The breeze is cold and the kids even complained about it being cold (of course that was because they went to the park in t-shirt & shorts). I have put on a pair of socks so my toes aren't quite chilly. The weather is beautiful though.
And the kids are inside doing their wii fit workout. They are really enjoying this interactive computerised medium. And it does work you also.

Looks Like Rain

Looks like rain today!
We are where the pink dot is.
The weather report says that the rain will disappear shortly though and this afternoon we will have a storm.
I am glad it rained like this today and not yesterday.
The rest of the week is supposed to be cold and fine.
I just felt like giving the local current weather report, just for something to do (and I am avoiding taking the rubbish out)
Another picture for your enjoyment.

The Abbey

The kids Medieval festival was on today.
A big hello to all the mums there that I knew. (I saw quite a few even if they didn't see me)
Just incase you were there, I was that mum who looked lost and was constantly counting heads and had 3 out of the 6 kids I had with me, wet and muddy.
The activities were good but the time slots weren't.
What I would have liked better was if we could have gotten tickets for whatever events we wanted and turned up when we wanted, well at least for the craft ones anyhow. The more organised ones which required tuition were better done at certain times.
I was hoping that junior knights school was as good as it was last year where they spent a good amount of time teaching the finer points and then having a dueling contest. They had a few minutes of sword play this year.

It was all fun but I felt a little unorganised and for those who hadn't been there before it would have been a bit overwhelming.
They had a costume competition and some of the costumes were great and imaginative. Some weren't.
Oh well!

I am a bit tired, have yet to oversee glass sweeping up, prepare the rest of dinner, and do the bread run, and unpack the bags from today, and a few other hundred thing I need to do while I am doing the bread run, or not doing it.

We Got A Wii

And a wii fit!
We set it all up last night and worked out on the wii fit today. Only 15 minutes but you do build up the perspiration depending on what you do. Another piece of gym equipment to go with my other piece (lawn mower).
You can read about it all here -

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