Doing The Lawns

My pint sized E6 helped mow the front yard today. She insisted on pushing it up the hills (it wouldn't move for her so I had to help) and down the hills and getting those nasty weeds against the fence. She did good for her first attempt.
I showed her how to start the mower, turn it off, the necessary items to wear while using it (ear plugs, protective glasses, long pants and closed in shoes), how to empty the catcher and mow in straight lines.
I know who will be wanting to help when I do the back yard.

Vegie Pour Overs - Sweet Chilli & Sesame

We tried this one tonight.

The kids aren't fans of chilli and I only managed to get M12 to try this. It was too spicy for her.

I really enjoyed it and it made me remember spring rolls dipped in sweet chilli sauce. The herbs and sesame oil (and seeds) go really well with these flavours. There are even herbs in it, and the taste comes through in the sauce, though it isn't over powering. It is subtle enough to be noticed but not to over power the sauce. I think everything was in perfect balance with this sauce.

Hubby seemed to enjoy it also (he ate it, didn't complain and then headed back to his computer game, yelling over his shoulder that the kids have to eat all of their food before stories).

I give this sauce two big, well medium sized, thumbs up. I would give it more but I only have two thumbs.

Activity Day

Today was the regular monthly activity day. The kids always have fun, and today I actually had a good chance of getting in some chats with the mothers.
The group was smaller today but that just made it easier to handle.
As per normal, they all went in 4 different directions, though one of those directions was in my direction. (M4)
From the start of the day M4 just didn't really want to be involved. I think she was a little tired.
The girls all did nice pieces of artwork, sports and drama.
I totally skipped drama today, as did M4.
I am a little tired and there is heaps to say, but it will have to go unsaid. I need to think about dinner and putting my feet up.

WIP - Berries

That small amount of colour took me 15 minutes - 30 minutes to do. Fortunately I am enjoying this so far.
Apart from the odd dabble in colour sketching, I have been flat out with business stuff lately. Well, not flat out but busy just the same. Tomorrow, Tuesday will be busy and flat out.
We also managed to squeeze in a visit to the nearby DIY dog wash. I saw the kids for a few minutes before they took off exploring the pet shop that it was at. The idea of the DIY dog wash is similar to the DIY car wash places. It has similar dial control box and time method. And it is quick easy and will easily work out cheaper then having the dog wash people come here, not that I did that. It is also amusing. I am sure Raz looked a whole lot better when she came out, especially after having her hair done with the hair dryer.
Tonight I am off to collect bread, then hurridly say happy birthday to my mum as I drop bread off to her, before being home in time for the regular pick ups that will turn up.
Oh, we have to have dinner sometime also. Pork and pear stew.
Time to make sure that is all going well, dash down to the shop for something nice (for my mum of course), get bread, etc etc.

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