My 2yr old just stripped off and dived into the dogs water dish. A full body dive too. It was funny!

Did You Know?

That oil paints are not face paints?

Did you also know?

That oil paints come off faces, when they are still wet, with face cleaner?


That nail polish remover removes oil paints (lightly applied oil paints) from lounge suites.

Highlight Of My Day

Pulling the eqivelent of 3 rolls of toilet paper out of the toilet.

Hide & Seek

The funniest thing about tonight's game of hide and seek was that Uncle Jon forgot to seek out the hiders. Deliberate or not it was still funny!

Another Reason

To like Captain Feathersword....
His magical buttons
His hawk imitations (still cracks me up and it is almost a year later)
His eye patch

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