More Sewing

Last night Jade and I finished off an apron she started. She really enjoyed making it and is looking forward to doing more sewing. This shall be fun, and possibly she will then make clothes she wants to wear!
I also finished off a shirred shirt for Erin, which she had been bugging me to make for her for a few days.
You can see more of Jade's apron here :
You can see more of Erin's top here :

Mercedes 4th Birthday

Today is Mercedes 4th birthday.
Our baby is growing up quickly!
She hates to be called baby and always corrects us by saying "I Say-dees".
She doesn't like kisses or prayers anymore but will still let you do them, and giggles when you kiss her.
She likes to draw on herself (but I think most 4 yr olds are like this when confronted with feltpens)
She still likes her 'milky' and has her sippy cup which she uses.
Her eyes haven't changed and they are still blue with a brown centre.
Her smile lights up the room and is frequent on her face (unless she is fighting with her sisters)

She still prefers pants over skirts and dresses and the longest we can get her to keep them on is for 5 minutes.
She loves to draw and will quite happily do that (even if it is on the floor, her belly, book, etc)
She will quite often create little games to play by herself, either sitting on her bed or just by herself in a quiet part of the house. She is not embarrassed by this.
She still has blonde hair!
She is loved.

For her birthday this year I took upon myself a challenge and made her a shirred top for her, and a pair of matching pants. Shirring was a lot easier then I expected. The pants are already in the wash. They are in her favourite colour, pink! I am sure she likes them (hopefully she will wear the dress like top)

Baring Myself

I have done a bit of sewing lately, for myself! I am amazed that I have produced this much lately despite my time constraints. I still have a lot more to go and I hope to have it finished before the hot weather is finished!
The kids will benefit from this also.

Making A Handbag

Today I finished making a handbag which I started before Christmas. It sure feels good to finally finish it.

It was easier then I imagined, the only fiddly bit being the rounded corners on the bottom of the bag and the forgetting to put the straps on until it was almost too late.

This is the lining of the bag with the card holder and multiple pen/pencil holder. (Holds minimum of 4 pens)

I made a small zippered personals purse to go with the bag since I wasn't wanting to fiddle around with a zippered compartment in the lining of the bag.

There is a mobile phone pocket on the front of the bag, for easy access.

As this bag was produced, it varied from the original plans. The sides for the pockets were scraped as they would make it too loose which would mean the possible loss of the phone.

It ended up larger then I imagined, but I am still happy with it, though now I have an excuse to carry more stuff around, which I do not like!

Made so far...

So far I have made, out of my to-sew list, a pair of pjs for Miranda, Jadeen, and Erin. Jade and Mercedes have also received a pair of shorts each also.
I am tackling my handbag next, as my old one is starting to lose stitching.

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