Gold Hoody

I can't resist. I made a gold hoody over teh weekend. It was meant to be for running but I think it will be too heavy and warm. It will be a winter shirt. I am not sure what type of material it actually is made of, some type of soft lycra. I used a kids hoody pattern and enlarged it by about 1cm.
Hardly any unpicking was needed on this project!

Kids Clothes

I have been at it again, sewing for the family.
This time we did a trip to spotlight and came home with some material remnants, which the kids chose, and I made them some pretty clothes out of.
J9 got a faux wrap around skirt (flap sewn half way down for modesty)
E6 got a simple green skirt with yellow ribbon racing strips
M4 wanted a dress so I happily made her one (she wore it all that night, and the whole next day....woot!!!)

Pink Is The Colour

I gave up on the red dress, decided to do something I new I could. I had some pink polar fleece I bought a few years ago so I decided to turn it into something the kids would wear. M4 got a pink hoody and E6 got a pink beanie.
They both like what I made them.
The best bit being that they were simple and quick to put together.

2 Steps Forwards, 2 Steps Back

Sewing this dress has been a bit like the title of this post. It is taking ages to make due to all the unpicking I have had to do.
First I had to put darts in on the bust, then I took out the zip (totally wrecked that one).
I had extra fabric on the back so I decided to shir the back.....the elastic kept getting caught in the bobbin and was almost more effort them it was worth.
The dress still didn't sit right at the back, but at least the front looked good, even if it is a little low cut. I may have to do something about the over exposed front yet.

I made a stretchy gold band to put around the waist/under-bust area. It did nothing the first time i put it on. The second time, it looks a lot better but the back still looks funny.
I am taking a break from it for now! I need to refresh.
Oh, and my machine was skipping stitches on the zip-zag.
There are a few other fiddly things that need fixing up on it also. I guess this is what i get for not using a pattern!

Sunday Sewing

I did some sewing this afternoon.
I had a decent amount of red fabric leftover from a dress I am constructing (a while to go yet before it is finished), so I whipped these up and they fit great. I made them about 4 cm longer then the pattern asked for as I wanted to be able to wear them some other time apart from bed time. I now have some comfy lounge shorts to wear around the house. (The red isn't as bright as the photo suggests either)

Apart from the shorts I also made a cotton organizer for Jade. Her sewing bag is a bit of a mess with all of the cottons just bundled in together and getting tangled up together. Now she has something which will keep the cottons separated and have room for her other little bits and pieces, and they shouldn't fall out all through her sewing bag either.

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