Everyday In May

There is a group of people out there, in the wide world web which are participating in "Everyday In May". This group (at least the one I know about) makes the commitment to do something creative every day in May and post about it.
I don't think that I can keep up with this (some days are just write offs) so I figured I will just do what I can, and try to keep up with this.
I have a lot of creative things I can do, right here at home. Such as : sketching, sewing, photography, cooking.
Today I searched for soft toy patterns on the web and came up with quite a few (there is a pretty cool platypus one). This is something I would like to do, when I get the chance.

One thing I need to complete in May, is my jacket/coat. I bought the material last month and it is sitting there, waiting to be made into this full length, shaped jacket. Instead of starting that, I started making a velour top/jacket! I have put that aside with thoughts of getting back to it at a later date. I am still trying to work out the fabric situation there as I do not think I have quite enough.
Yesterday, the 1st of May, I got distracted from my jacket again, and helped J9 make my mothers day present. I had also made a bag earlier that day. It will be a book bag though it could double as a handbag. It only took me 30 minutes from start to finish so it is a very easy thing to do and accomplish.

Winter Shirt

I made this shirt as a dress originally but due to the type of fabric that it is, it was too heavy and was pulling so it looked like a shapeless sack, particularly under the arms. I shortened it, put a couple of tucks/darts under the breast line, and on the back and it fits a lot nicer. It still looks a little shapless under the arms, but I think that is because of the sleeves as it sits nicely when they are pulled up a little.

Party Top

I picked up this material from my favourite cheap material shop at $1/m. I actually bought 4.5m and thought I would made bed sheets but I guess that won't happen too quickly, if at all.
J9 had a party to go to and liked the simple top I designed for her so I whipped it up, only to find out she didn't like what she saw in the mirror (she hadn't wanted to look in the mirror until I asked her to.....doh!)
Anyhow, I will draw up the pattern, do some instructions and offer up this pattern...really simple it was!

LOTS and lots of sewing projects coming up!


Sunday morning started with a crook morning. E6 was still getting over the vomiting bug she had just had (she sat at the table, with breakfast, not really doing anything), I was feeling crook and the others had head off to church. So i sat E6 in front of a movie while i went back to bed for 90 minutes. When everyone else got home, with lunch and treats I watched them eat lunch (not very hungry).
After that they all went to play the PS2 and I got to work on E6's matching tier skirt. It was very simple to make, just time consuming with the ruffles. She is very happy with it.

When everyone was feeling better, and after a game of settlers, we took off to a park with friends only to have M11 complain of feeling sick and at the moment she felt like throwing up, wanting to hang off me!
We all had fun at the park and the kids caught a tadpole, played with friends and got worn out.
Dinner was bought on the way home, consumed while watching 'Gladiators' (It hasn't changed since I first watched it many eons ago. I am sure the costumes and games are still the same). It was during this that M11 decided to join the ranks of the kids who threw up.
After this we watched 'So you think you can dance'. The dances were pretty cool. I think last night was the most TV I have watched in one go, in a long time.

Sunflower Hoody

The sewing thing is kicking in again and I am going full steam at it again. I made this hoody (fully lined with no exposed seams) for E6 tonight. The only really tricky bit was remembering which bit of material went with which bit. It is a little short, but that is something I can remedy if I ever make it again.
I also made M4 another long sleeved shirt, though it is a little dodgy and isn't quite right but I will put that down to the material I used. It felt great to the touch (the material) but the needle had a hard time penetrating it. It is some kind of lycra. I guess I needed a different grade of needle. She likes it, she likes those types of material and will wear it until it falls apart. The material only cost $1 so it is no biggy. No pics as she wouldn't let me.

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