Day 10

10 days! Phew!
I wanted a shirt to wear for mothers day and out of the available material, I had this pink one or a blotchy coloured one (purple, olive and orage). The pink won after a consultation with people around the house.
Sewing the shirt should have taken a small amount of time, but in between kids, husband, dinner and housework (still going on the housework) it took way longer then intended. It was relatively simple to make up and cut out, though the sleeves were a tad wrong, I think. This was also my first attempt at bias binding, which I used around the neck. It was easier then I imagined!

Day 6

Well I have almost completed a week of this. Trying to get ahead of myself so I have backups for those days I am unable to create.
As you would have guessed the main theme has been sewing. Rest assured, it will change as it needs. (I have a few crafty things that need to be done)
This dolphin is the latest installment in the toys section. There will be more toys to come, when I have finished a few other projects. (Like my jacket, or when I need a break from my jacket)

Day 5

Another soft toy to add to the collection! Once again, it was made from scraps (am still glad I saved those scraps) and stuffed from an old pillow.
Next I think is a dolphin, then a horse, then a lamb.......when will this end?!
Well, I think it will slow down as school is back in tomorrow and I will be spending more time on that and not so much sewing. I am getting quicker though, as this giraffe only took me 1.5hrs. It is still fiddly, especially the head!
E6 likes it and I guess that is all that matters.

Day 4

I am going good, 4 days in and I am still creating!
This time I made a red scottie dog for M4. She loves it even though the ears are wonky! I don't think I snipped the edges enough and that is why it isn't quite right.
She still likes it, that is the main thing, and that I am finally finding a use for all of those material scraps I have spilling out of my scrap bag.
I think the next thing I attempt will be a giraffe for E6. She wants it in purple and white stripes.

Day 2 & 3 in Everyday In May

On day 2 of Everyday in May, I started a creation, my long, fitted jacket. What I mean by started was taking over an hour to cut out all the pattern pieces for it. That is all the creating I did that day.
Today, I ignored the housework (I need to do some tonight), and took the plunge into toy making. I created my first 'softie'.
The purple horse is made out of an old bedsheet, some funky wool from my diminished supply (will possibly stay that way also since I am not feeling like knitting at the moment, sewing is so much quicker), and the stuffing from an old pillow. It was fiddly, the horse that is, as there was very little seam allowance. Next time I think I will enlarge the pattern pieces so I have more to play with.
The kids are all lining up for a toy to be made from my tan faux suede! So far they want, more horses, giraffes, puppies, and elephants.

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