Day 28

Almost there. The coat is almost done. It is a matter of hems, buttons and button holes now. I am tossing up whether or not to cheat and sew on the machine or to sew by hand for the hems. It is heavier then I imagined, but that is all good.
Apart from that, a friend brought out his Wii tonight and the kids had a blast playing tennis and bowling on it. M4 and I won (I had to take over from her).
We will work on the kids hoodies tomorrow with no focus on pace work. I think we need a break, even if it is only a long weekend instead of a good solid school holiday (2 weeks). We will take that holiday when hubby's parents visit at the end of June.
Ok, time to ignore the dishes, watch a movie or play some more Wii!

Day 27

Today I sewed a little. The girls did no sewing as I was wanting to do some of my own. We will get back into their stuff tomorrow. Realistically it shouldn't take very long to complete their hoodies but since they are learning, we have to take it slow.
All I have left to do on the lining of my jacket is the sleeves, then I can attach it to the jacket itself.
Today, on the way to PE (another creative thing I had to do, was entertaining and exercising under 9yr olds), we saw a beautiful carpet python on the road. The picture was taken with my mobile, so it isn't the best, but it was a beautiful snake. I would guess it to be about a year old. It was on the road, had not been hit by any cars (they were avoiding it), and we were able to move it safely off the road. The kids had a blast seeing a snake in the wild, as did I. It had to be one of the best things that happened today.
Maybe we will get M11 one of these for her 13th birthday (planning ahead, a year ahead). I wouldn't mind owning one, or a darwin carpet python.

Day 26

Today I helped M11 and J9 with their sewing. First I let them pin some pieces together and then they each sewed their pieces together. It took us an hour, in between rethreading the machine and re-putting the younger two to bed, to sew 2 seams each. 8 days left till their hoodies need to be finished.
No, I have not done anymore work on my jacket either. Tomorrow I may not get a chance either, so it won't be done by tomorrow. Maybe it will be done in time for the local show.

Day 24

Still on the sewing thing. Today I had to unpick 3 of the panels of the lining. Doh! I sewed the wrong sides together without noticing.
I have also helped J9 pin and cut out her hoody pieces. Sorted out a few fights, tantrums and considered dinner.
Dinner tonight is burgers, homemade of course.
I will hopefully get onto some resewing of the jacket lining tonight but I know it will definately not be done by tomorrow (my birthday lunch), it may be done by Tuesday (my actual b-day). If it isn't done by then and I am happy with it, I may enter it into the local show and see how I go. It's only 11 days away!

Day 23

The month is almost over! Where has it gone?

It started slow and casual, at a relaxed pace, giving the kids toy fixes, and other miscellaneous projects.

My sewing to-do list looks the same still, unfortunately, maybe a little bit longer now!

The jacket/coat is still going along and I have finally reached the stage where I am ready to start work on the lining. I should have started that today but I got a touch distracted with kids sewing requests. Oops! I don't mind too much, it gave my brain a chance to work on something that required little thinking.

M11 started work also on her show piece. It should look good.

J9 will start hers tomorrow, she didn't finish her schoolwork until late and then got distracted by anything else that isn't sewing.

Hubby is out so I will stay up a little longer before hitting the sack. I am not sure if I will start the lining of my coat tonight. I am sure it won't take very long at all, especially since it doesn't have a collar to do! There is quite a bit of hand sewing involved unfortunately and I am still trying to work out ways around that. As well as trying to understand the instructions!

Back to it I think!

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