M11's Hoody

M11 finished her hoody for the local show tonight. It is a good piece of work for her first piece of clothing sewn. I think I will start her on something else soon, but not until after the show has finished.

There was a big learning curve here for both of us. I am trying to control my want of taking over the situation and doing it myself, because I am quicker, and her learning to use the machine and sew different types of things. I will get there eventually, I know I will.

When the hoody was completed we realised that the neck line was too large so we gathered it in a little. The finish on it then wasn't too great so we added in the small butterfly at the gathering spot. I think it looks great and just gives it that better look.

I hope the girls do well with their sewing at the local show. They have spent a lot of time getting things done and ready. They are planning on doing cooking also and I am starting E6 tomorrow on that with her rosella jam. Even if it doesn't win a place, we will certainly enjoy eating it!


Here it is, the capelet finally put up on my site. As I said before, it was a fun piece. I did iron it, which made it sit nicer.
I just need to work out when and where to wear it now. I could always go over my coat that I made (that is where it has been sitting all day, on the coat on the dress making dummy). It would be a fun item to wear out sometime.

Day 31

Pictures to come.
Well, the last day of the month I did my final creation for the month, just something for fun and is reasonably unpractical. I made a hooded capelet! It is just a short version of a full length cape. I had some spare black faux suede and I found some burgundy satin deluster or something like that. It is pretty thick so not the most ideal lining. The colours went well together and with a little fiddling I managed to get all of the pieces out of the small scraps I had (about 1 meter of each). A spare button, not worrying about time and I had it done by 12.20am on the 1st of June. I did start it on the 31st of May though, about 9pm. The longest part was making sure everything fit and was cut out, and then the blind hem sewing (by hand).
I made it from a pattern I bought about 10 years ago and had held onto since then. The boys are out so once the kids were asleep I had heaps of free time (plus there was nothing good on TV).
All it needs now is to be pressed/ironed. And some pictures taken of it.

J9's Hoody

My 9yr old is becoming a little seamstress and actually enjoying sewing and making herself stuff.

She finished this hoody today so that it can go in the local show, in the under 12's section. She only needed a little help in keeping the seams straight on the machine. It was tempting to help her out by doing it myself but I let her do it. She is learning heaps and hopefully will continue.

Day 29

Finally!!! It is done!!! It deserves exclamation marks!

A couple of small problems though. The sleeves are on the wrong sides, and the pockets are too low, and unless I unpick it all and start from scratch (which I am NOT going to do) it will have to remain that way. That is also another reason why I won't be entering it into the local show.

Maybe I will get time to whip up something else in the mean time, but if I do not get time, I am not too worried. I am helping the kids get their entries ready for the show and it is more for them then it is me.

This coat was a learning experience. It has taught me some patience, perseverance, and unpicking (I got the sleeve hems right 3rd time round).

I think I will make it again, but not for a while, and then I will seek out a better way to do the collar.

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