Mammoth Load

I have just taken on a mammoth load of sewing. Don't mind me if I am a little quiet around here as I will be sewing clothes for a friend's family. I will be making my favourite things - hoodies and elastic waist pants.
Lots of ideas going through my head for this one, though I won't be too different as I want these things to be worn.
One day I will finish my own personal sewing load.

Creating Again

I have been at it again. I have found time to fit in some sewing (though other things have been neglected).
First I made M12 a purple chef jacket. I have put one button in it so far, now all I need to do is buy the remaining buttons!

Next I made a jumper for M12 also. That material was so fluffy and, well, fluffy. I am covered in it's fluff. All of the edges are finished though (thanks to my new/second hand over locker) so hopefully it won't shed too much fluff.

Next I am onto making E6 & M4 underwear, J9 some winter pj's....well, let me just say, my list is extra long. I have a heap of material to use up before winter ends!


Today I started on M11's chef jacket. It is her birthday tomorrow. Oops!
My pattern needed very little altering so that is all good.


I just won 100 meters of picot elastic on eBay! Picot elastic is the type of elastic they use on underwear. I am sure I will find other uses for it.

Apart from that I have done some more sewing. I took the plunge and tried out my birthday present (I got it almost a month ago), an overlocker. Once I worked out that a certain bit had to be put up, and why my mum used to thread her overlocker the way she did it was happy sailing. I now have 6 cushions covered in some fabric remnants I picked up from Spotlight ($5 fill a bag). I have one monster pillow to work out what I want to do with. I could cover it or I could make it into new things. Not sure yet.

Later on I will get back into sewing, well just knocking up a trial chef jacket to test the altered pattern I made. I am using an old bed sheet for this.

Tomorrow I am off to a women's thing/afternoon tea/tea tasting without the kids! Woot!


J9 has wanted a mouse since her friend showed her his mice.
I don't want mice in the house so I did what any parent, all right, just me then, would do. I made her a pair of mice. They are a little dodgy but still pretty cool. They are growing on me, especially since they can't escape (only get lost), don't need feeding or having their cage cleaned, and they do not smell!

Let's hope she likes them.

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