The Next Bit

This is the next bit in the mammoth sewing load. A size 5 boys hoody.
It is made of black fleece and the hood is lined with a green donald duck (& nephews) drill cotton. Last time I used this pattern I decided that it would need some sort of wrist/waist bands, just so it doesn't stick out all funny, which it does if made with stiff material. The waist, and wrist, bands are elasticised so they should give it a neater, more warming appearance. Well, I hope so anyhow.
I didn't forget to overlock this one this time.
Now time for the dishes, bed and an early start for art class tomorrow.
I really should find time to work on my art outside of class.


I never realised until today how many sewing patterns I actually have.
My patterns that are stored on the pc total to 297 meg (264 files). Now that number is high but with a lot of patterns they have the instructions in a seperate file. That still totals to at least 132 patterns! I also have a box full under the sewing table.
Now the hard part is, finding time to use them all!

Mammoth Sewing Load - Part 2

Next bit done! A pair of aqua(?) pants with black pockets. I meant to do hidden pockets but I plain forgot, just like the overlocking until I was too far into it. Oops! Fortunately this stuff doesn't really fray. If anything, these pants will be a little too long.
I did a small 'S' on the back just so that the kid receiving these can tell the front from the back.
2 minimums done, 3 to go!

Oh, and I made puff pastry today, from scratch.

Mammoth Sewing Load - Part 2

My second piece in this sewing load is done. A bright pink hoody with a front pocket and a purple flower patch on it. I hope it is acceptable/liked!

1 kid's minimum sewing done, 5 more to go!

Mammoth Sewing Load - Part 1

Ok, I got distracted from starting and I made some other things that weren't quite necessary, and only added to my workload. Oh well!

E6 had been after me to make her a pair of pants out of some extra soft green polar fleece. So Ijust went ahead and did it. It was using a pattern which I hadn't used much of before so it gave me at least an idea of how to deal with it properly, or at least that is the excuse I am using.

After this I discovered M4 with a chocolate ice cream on top of the extra extra large cushion which was yet to be covered. I knew this was something I had to do but just had been avoiding it. I quickly surmised that a cushion cover would be a lot easier to clean up then the cushion itself so the cushion cover was born. Just don't look too closely at the brown material as I plan on making myself a pair of pants out of the remaining material eventually. This way I can get away with wearing the pants and no one will know.

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