Medieval Makeover - #4

Just in case this gets annoying for you, this is more for me then for whoever is getting annoyed by frequent short posts.
Anyhow, Merc's over dress is done.
Now onto Erin's over dress. I should get it done before dinner needs cooking.

Photos will come later as the camera batteries are currently discharging so that I can charge them up again, ready for the weekend.

The website for the medieval tournament :

Medieval Makeover - #3

Merc's tunic turned into an underdress. I forgot how short she was.
Oh, and I finished 10 minutes ago also. Quick and simple. Now for the over dresses. More difficult but should be good just the same.

Medieval Makeover - #2

Jade's under dress is done
Merc will have a tunic (due to white material shortage) and is currently drawn out and awaiting cutting.

Medieval Makeover - #1

We are attending a medieval tournament on the weekend so I have taken on the task to turn bed sheets, scrounged up scraps and old costumes into new and accurate (well, trying sorta) costumes for the family.
So far I have:
- cut and sewn my under dress
- altered an old but too small under dress of mine to fit my eldest
- cut and sewn Erin's under dress
- cut out Jade's under dress

I have one more under dress to go, or I might just make an under tunic since it is for Merc. I also need to hunt up and hope I haven't disposed of some old tunics of hubby's.

Once that is out of way I have over dresses, pants and tunics to make up. Shouldn't take more then a day and a half.

The kids also want to make shields since we missed out on doing that today.

Today is another story and I am too tired to talk about it now, so that shall happen when i break away from sewing.

Oh, and my light bulb on my sewing machine busted today. I think I will borrow Miranda's desk lamp for a while.

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