Technicolour Autumn Coat

2012-01-29 Striped Coat 016It is bright, it is colourful, it is technicolour and reversible. This is my latest creative piece and I think I need to do more creative and less practical and safe items. I want fun but a pair of khaki green shorts isn’t really fun, and is more practical then creative.

Make Your Own

jalie2796What does Make-Your-Own have to do with running? (Cross post from Mums On The Run)

Mum’s who run, do more then just run and be a mum. From the mum’s I know personally, who run, there are artists, home sewers, article writers, make up artists, etc. We are more then just mum’s and runners, and that is why I thought I would share this pattern review with you.

Not too long ago I went searching for patterns, as I was fed up with the high prices for buying my own ready made running skirt. I found this pattern – Jalie 2796 – and started looking around at various reviews of the pattern. The only problem with it, that I could find, was that the waistband really needed extra support and by adding elastic to the waistband the problem was solved. An easy fix!

This pattern comes in a variety of sizes, starting right down at a girls size 2, and climbing all the way up to a ladies size 22. Extra bonus! I could use this single pattern to make all of my 4 girls a running skirt! Including myself.

Swim Shirt

IMG_4138My latest piece! I was sunburnt, had a pattern I altered and needed to try out, and some spare material that needed using up (which looked good on the 9yr old). So I whipped this shirt up in a couple of hours (triple stitch on the sewing machine for strength and stretch). The neckline is a little dodgy but I am glad I found that out before I went and made those sports shirts I was going to make. Now I can alter it appropriately.

Maternity Skirt



My next bit of sewing was for my sister. It is a wrap around skirt. I am thinking I wouldn’t mind one as well. It was dead easy to make with the only time consuming bit being the fact I made bias binding for the skirt. Getting the waist band just right was also a little trying as I had to work out the radius of the circle. I was then fortunate enough to come across this site.

This here is where I got the pattern from.

Getting Crafty and Mice


IMG_3225-smlI thought this picture was the best one to show off my new pants. Especially since I didn’t think a shot of my rear end was the best for this blog.

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