Luke and Lucy



Day 27

Today I sewed a little. The girls did no sewing as I was wanting to do some of my own. We will get back into their stuff tomorrow. Realistically it shouldn't take very long to complete their hoodies but since they are learning, we have to take it slow.
All I have left to do on the lining of my jacket is the sleeves, then I can attach it to the jacket itself.
Today, on the way to PE (another creative thing I had to do, was entertaining and exercising under 9yr olds), we saw a beautiful carpet python on the road. The picture was taken with my mobile, so it isn't the best, but it was a beautiful snake. I would guess it to be about a year old. It was on the road, had not been hit by any cars (they were avoiding it), and we were able to move it safely off the road. The kids had a blast seeing a snake in the wild, as did I. It had to be one of the best things that happened today.
Maybe we will get M11 one of these for her 13th birthday (planning ahead, a year ahead). I wouldn't mind owning one, or a darwin carpet python.

Boondall Wetlands

The other day, the kids and I went for a walk around Boondall Wetlands.

The kids all enjoy this as it isn't too long of a walk and there is pretty much always something to see.

On this trip around, we saw a coastal carpet python, some tiny crabs, a fish jumping out of the water, a possum behind a sign, heaps of spiders, some birds and heaps of mozzies.

Luke & Lucy

Luke and Lucy took their first pinkie mouse today!


Today we went and put down a deposit on a pair of snakes that I am going to get. They are MacDonnell Ranges stimson pythons. They aren't as yellow as they pictures I saw but they were still pretty good. The female is pretty and a light colour while the male is darker.
The people we are getting them from are very helpful and friendly.
Only a couple of weeks till I bring them home. Time to get these baby dragons feeding so I can on sell them and therefore, pay for my snakes.

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