I hate writing titles as they never seem to fit.
Now times for some updates.

I am still continuing to try new and interesting recipes and making notes on what I am cooking, the changes I make and what it would go well with in preparation for e-courses. E-courses though have been a little slow this year though last year's content still seems to be of interest. I will continue with this as who know s where the future might lead.

Smaug & Sloth (bearded dragons)
They seem to be growing well though Smaug still has his problems. Lately he has been seen to be shaking and with bad eye to mouth co-ordination so I swapped him to a different enclosure with a different light. Since going into this enclosure, he has brightened up in colour, as has sloth, become a happier dragon with a better appetite. Sloth, is still going great though and I have no problems with her except that she doesn't like to eat in front of people.

Central Netted Dragons
Well they are a little fat but that will work well with the coming cool months when they should hibernate or at least become less active. Sleepy is growing well and looks like his dad (small boss). He still has sight difficulties but it doesn't stop him from doing anything either. The only thing that makes me think, is if it is a male or female!


Spring Is In The Air - Part 2

Jade's Siamese fighting fish decided that they wanted to get in on the act before spring finished in 8 days time. They did the 'deed' and now we have to wait to see how many babies come from their union!

I am thinking of trying to guess how many baby animals we will have by the end of this year (eggs included).
Maybe close to 20 dragon eggs. Well, we already have 11 dragon eggs.

When I think about how much you sell the dragons for when they are born, and the expenses of raising them to the point of sale, buying the incubator (or making one), the temp enclosures, electricity, etc, you don't really make a lot out of them. It is still exciting though.

My plans for the money I 'may' make from selling baby dragons? Well, I want to upgrade my keeping skills and knowledge and possibly buy some more reptiles, though the purchasing won't be for a while. I may upgrade the enclosures we have. Maybe a snake for Miranda's 11th birthday, though I am not sure on that. We have always told her that she has to wait till she is 13, so I think we will wait and while I am waiting, will peel the play-doh out of the baby's hair!

Spring Is In The Air

Babies are everywhere.
First my dragons had eggs
Then our mollies had babies
My sister had her baby (separate post for that)
And now we have a few hundred newly hatched baby Siamese fighting fish.
One of my dragons has more eggs to come (a few more weeks there)
Then the dragon babies will start hatching around Christmas/New Years, followed by more towards the end on January.
Busy times ahead!

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