Central Netted Dragons

I think my dragons are getting frisky! Well one of the boys is. This could be the start of their breeding! Whoot! A new chapter in their life.....

Bits & Pieces

A Long Time Ago....
I used to own a baby bearded dragon. We found it in our back yard and almost ran over it with the lawn mower. I kept it for a week or two before I let it go again. Back then I had no knowledge of light, UVA, UVB or heat, and how they were all essential to a healthy life of a beardy. I kept the dragon in a 20 litre glass fish tank in my bedroom by the window in my bedroom. I remember it was hot because each day I would go out to the vacant block behind us and catch little grasshoppers to feed it. It was a good eater and always ate all that it was given.
It was towards the end of my ownership of it that it stopped eating and I made the decision to let it go again, back where it was found. It was seen a week or so later alive and healthy.

Thinking back to that, the beardy would have been happier had I been able to provide it with a proper UV light. Reptiles (moreso lizards and dragons) are becoming popular and are making their way into normal households as pets. Snakes have been around longer, particularly pythons, but dragons are reasonably new, and still very pricey. You need to have a licence to own any type of reptile but due to the popularity, the accessability of those has become easier and more affordable. Most pet shops even contain food and/or the reptiles themselves nowdays.

I like my little dragons that I have now and it is interesting to watch them in their tank. Hopefully in the next year they will breed so that we will have more little dragons.

Ctenophorus nuchalis (Central Netted Dragons) & Sore Toes

Boy are the dragons growing.
I have only had them a month and in the last 3 weeks they have shot up.

Big Boy/Girl - 14cm (grown 4cm and shedding skin at the moment)
Little Boss - 15cm (grown 5cm)
Pretty girl - 10.5cm (grown 3.5 cm)
Plain Jane - 10cm (grown 3cm)
Note: 2.5cm = 1 inch (roughly)

Big Boy/Girl

Big Boy/Girl is shedding his/her skin

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