2 babies fully emerged yesterday while 1 more has started today. I think I will give the remaining eggs a few more days before I start thinking they won't hatch. I will see what happens today and tomorrow in regards to hatching.

For Sale - Central Netted Dragon Hatchlings (SOLD)

I am looking for expressions of interest, at the moment, for central netted dragon hatchlings. The current 4 for sale are 2 weeks old and eating well on live or defrosted crickets. They are all active and alert and know that people mean food.
I am asking $75 per dragon

I prefer pick-up

If you are interested, email me on judith@millerfamily.biz

I will have more babies in the near future as I still have 15 eggs waiting to hatch between now and March.

I am situated in the Caboolture Shire, halfway between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

CND baby update

Well all 5 babies are eating, but the one called sleepy may stay with us a little longer, as it is as it's name suggests, sleepy. I only will sell the healthy active babies so I can start working on my rep as a hobbyist.

There are still 15 eggs in the incubator with 6 due to hatch in a couple of weeks and then a week later 5 more are due to hatch.

I think the girls are both gravid also!!!

This year is a busy one, and exciting also.

Eggs - Update

4 more eggs today. I reached my expected 20 egg expectation. There may be more to come yet, depends on if the dragons are finished or not for the year.

No eggs have hatched yet though they shouldn't be too far off.

Smaug Update

Well Smaug had his second vet checkup today, and Sloth accompanied him also.

Smaug's infection had not cleared up and appeared to be moving up his leg and his tail did not look promising also as the bit above the dead part of his tail looked to be going grey with infection also. It is one of those creeping infections.

So, hubby's baby bearded is now on oral antibiotics to fix the problem from the inside. He (bearded) has to take 0.1ml twice a day orally, have the cream rubbed onto his tail and leg, antiseptic soak once a day and also his tub/enclosure washed each day.

Since sloth is the healthy one with no signs of infection (was checked by the vet) he must be handled firstly so as not to contaminate him.

On the good side, his appetite has increased and he doubled his body weight in the last 10 days, from 2 grams to 4 grams.

Also, if Smaug lives past the next 2 weeks then there is a good chance of him living a long life.

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