Day 14

This is what I did creatively today. I sealed, and sanded (put sand on) it. It is a little uninteresting as I had a lack of liquid nails with which to adhere bits together, and I think a lack of creative thought and planning at the time. At least it looks better then a cardboard box. Once it is dry completely and the smell has gone it shall make a home in the bearded dragons enclosure.

To join the polystyrene together I used liquid nails (great stuff that), then I used a heat gun to make the exterior a little tougher. After that is was a coat of black paint (only paint I had in a large enough quantity), followed by the sealing and sanding with watered down PVA glue (50:50 ratio) and leftover reptile sand/playground sand. It should be ready for insertion by the weekend, to replace the good looking one!

Day 7

A pile of polystyrene foam!
Well this is the begining of a lovely construction, well for the bearded dragons anyhow.
This is the start of the bearded dragons winter hide. I hope they use it. I have done a little more then the picture suggests. It has been glued together and now I am waiting for it to dry properly before the next stage happens. Hardening the polystyrene foam. I should be able to get onto that tomorrow.

Some other things I have created are the cookies and meatballs (posted yesterday), and rosella cordial.

Tis' The Season

Smaug was trying to get frisky with Sloth today!
They are bearded dragons! and a little over 1 year old.
Hopefully nothing will come of it, if something does then their cage will be in for some major renovations!

Birthdays and Deaths

Friday was my youngest sister's birthday, and today we had a family thing at my mum's house. My sister is now an adult, being 18. It was a good afternoon with a late BBQ lunch.

Prior to the party we went to church (great service), dropped hubby at home and went shopping at the markets. The main reason for going to the markets was to buy some small trees cheaply due to the death we had that morning.

The death was one of my male central netted dragons.

While at the markets the kids were on their best behaviour so they got to look at the pet stalls while I checked out the plant stalls. I looked at many stalls, and only two did I get service on (to be fair, it was pack up and leave time when we got there). The first didn't have what I wanted but the second did, hardy native small trees! While at this stall, Jade managed to score a free plant because she showed an interest in what was going on, and I guess it was the quiet time of the day. If I could remember the name of any of the plants I would tell you! She also was given a lettuce seedling which is now planted alongside the other lettuce seedlings.

(Our lettuce seeds have started to come up!)

After the markets it was a rush trip to K-Mart for some birthday present shopping (some bath stuff that comes with a pink fluffy/soft poodle bag, and a lollypop), then off to Coles for some cesear salad kits.

Finally we were off to the party.

It was good to catch up with my aunty, sisters, mum, and cousins.

Reptile Breeding Season

It is that time of year again, when the crickets don't last long and the reptile enclosures need rearranging.
My female central netted dragons are looking plump and eating heaps. Hopefully it won't be too long before the first clutch of eggs are laid and nestled in the incubator (which I am yet to set up and start testing of).
The bearded dragons are a year away from breeding so there is nothing new there.
The pythons are still too young and I don't expect anything from them before 2009.
The skinks should breed this year but so far no signs that they have or will.

Next year I may be getting some angle headed dragons, and possibly some snakes, but I will have to wait and see what happens. I think that this year I will need to put aside some funds for possible vet treatments, or multiple cricket/mice purchases for throughout the year!

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