Sometimes I worry a little too much but then I usually find peace, or an outlet of some sort.

We have had a lot going on lately, well one major thing anyhow. Our lease is coming up for renewal and the owner has decided to sell, so therefore we have not had our lease renewed (probably for the best now that I think of it). With this comes trying to find a place that suits our needs, with a little bit of wants thrown in, and it isn’t hard to find a place that suits our needs, just not our wants. The house we are currently in (for another 6 weeks or less) is big enough that we have room to move and spread out, especially since we work at home, school at home, and live at home.

Hubby needs an office to work in, somewhere he can take the occasional client and staff member, to work. The kids need a space to do their school work and I need a space to set up my creative corner. (My creative corner is where I draw and sew). We want a media room and a yard big enough that the kids are content to stay and play in.  Lots of things to consider.

Apart from this I am laid up from running at the moment due to a sore knee which means I don’t have my usual, and reliable, outlet (and all those feel good endorphins that come with it).

Sometimes I wish things were different, sometimes I am happy with the way they are. Sometimes I wonder how life would have been different if I had one less child, or none at all. If I had gone to uni instead of Tafe (community college), but in the end I am happy with how things have turned out because my life is rich and I have experienced much. I am glad of the friends I have, and wouldn’t change them, for the family I have and the things that have happened (good and bad) in my life. They have all made me who I am.

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