The Escapee

We had 2 escapees today!
These guys (eastern blue tongue skinks) were in a temporary home since they were busy being fumigated and their old home is getting carted off to the dump. The dog, curious that she is, decided to investigate and the next thing we knew, the holding tub was on it's side, lid ajar with no skinks in sight.
The first skink, Pebbles, was easy caught, bathed and then returned to her holding tub. She was rather grubby. Bam Bam was a little more difficult to get ahold of. He was under the kids cubby house and was not coming out even to promises of food in a nice warm box.
When hubby got home the hunt continued until he got sick of the slippery skink and lifted one end up of the heavy cubby house. I chased the skink out with a rake handle and M12 caught him. He wasn't as grubby as the female so he went straight back into the holding tub.
Through all of this, the kids learnt the valuable lessons of keeping the patio clean (or you have to do it after dinner and in the dark), making sure reptile enclosures are kept locked and how to wash out spray hair colour from their hair.

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