Technicolour Autumn Coat

2012-01-29 Striped Coat 016It is bright, it is colourful, it is technicolour and reversible. This is my latest creative piece and I think I need to do more creative and less practical and safe items. I want fun but a pair of khaki green shorts isn’t really fun, and is more practical then creative.

I went into spotlight a while ago and came across this bright stripy material on the specials table.2012-01-29 Striped Coat 010 I just couldn’t walk past it as it was light and breezy, perfect for summer clothes. I wanted to make something with a hood to be worn in summer, or a pair of pants, or something that would scream out and gather attention (though most likely to be worn at home), but then I panicked a little and decided it needed toning down, something which was still bright and would bring joy but could also be plain.

I raided my stash and came up with some tan gaberdine material. It was perfect. I had bought it to make shorts for my husband many years ago but never done that. And when I ran out of material I was able to source more from spotlight.

2012-01-29 Striped Coat 008The pattern itself was a dress pattern I had bought many years previously. It was a wrap dress and the first, and only, time I had made it I was unhappy with how it turned out. It looked more like a bathrobe then a dress. So, I partnered it up with a hood, skipped any buttons, clips, etc and made it into a jacket. It is still not flattering but now it looks how I imagined and will fit me for quite a while.

I doubt I will use that pattern again. And, yay to creativity no matter how bright it is.

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