Mammoth Sewing Load - Part 1

Ok, I got distracted from starting and I made some other things that weren't quite necessary, and only added to my workload. Oh well!

E6 had been after me to make her a pair of pants out of some extra soft green polar fleece. So Ijust went ahead and did it. It was using a pattern which I hadn't used much of before so it gave me at least an idea of how to deal with it properly, or at least that is the excuse I am using.

After this I discovered M4 with a chocolate ice cream on top of the extra extra large cushion which was yet to be covered. I knew this was something I had to do but just had been avoiding it. I quickly surmised that a cushion cover would be a lot easier to clean up then the cushion itself so the cushion cover was born. Just don't look too closely at the brown material as I plan on making myself a pair of pants out of the remaining material eventually. This way I can get away with wearing the pants and no one will know.

Tonight I stopped avoiding the sewing load and got stuck into it. I made the first pair of fluro pink track pants. This one has pockets sewn on the outside. I did white thread on the pink in the hope that it will contract the pink a little and possibly tone down the 'brightness' of it. I guess if it is worn with a shirt or something of a different colour it will look ok.

Apart from sewing, I wrote down my ideas of what to make and the differences I was wanting to do with it, so no one was getting the same thing. I will also be accessing/annoying my fashion expert (hubby) to see if what I am doing is actually acceptable or not.

Does dark brown fur trim go with hot pink fleece?

How much is too much pink?

And do girls really like this much pink? (I was given 9 meters of the pink)

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