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jalie2796What does Make-Your-Own have to do with running? (Cross post from Mums On The Run)

Mum’s who run, do more then just run and be a mum. From the mum’s I know personally, who run, there are artists, home sewers, article writers, make up artists, etc. We are more then just mum’s and runners, and that is why I thought I would share this pattern review with you.

Not too long ago I went searching for patterns, as I was fed up with the high prices for buying my own ready made running skirt. I found this pattern – Jalie 2796 – and started looking around at various reviews of the pattern. The only problem with it, that I could find, was that the waistband really needed extra support and by adding elastic to the waistband the problem was solved. An easy fix!

This pattern comes in a variety of sizes, starting right down at a girls size 2, and climbing all the way up to a ladies size 22. Extra bonus! I could use this single pattern to make all of my 4 girls a running skirt! Including myself.

The pattern does all the usual stuff, it tells you which materials are best (I found spandex/swimsuit lycras the best), how to choose your size and clear concise instructions to follow (including pictures of how it all goes together). It even gave you tips on how to sew it without a serger/overlocker. You also have a few different alternatives, those being a skirt on it’s own, boy leg pants, compression shorts or the combination of the different pants with the skirt.

Having used this pattern now, a few times, I find it easy to follow, sew up and cut out. I also would recommend it to anyone who wants to make their own running skirt. The pockets are also deep enough to carry your mobile phone in while you run.

If you are handy with a sewing machine and want to give it a go, or know someone who could make it for you, you can purchase the pattern here

Here are some of the skirts I have made so far. The first I just lengthened the legs and it was my trial skirt, to work out what it needed. The second has matching compression shorts beneath it, as do the rest of them. My girls love their skirts.

2011-06-05 running skort 0032011-06-15 miranda skort 0012011-06-18 skorts 0022011-06-18 skorts 005

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