Getting Crafty and Mice


IMG_3225-smlI thought this picture was the best one to show off my new pants. Especially since I didn’t think a shot of my rear end was the best for this blog.

Well, I have done it, I have created a pair of pants that are either a) really awful and people are embarrassed to mention them; or b) great looking pants that look good enough to have been bought so no one asked if I made them. They are full length pants with the pockets and inside lining of the waist being made from an old bed sheet I picked up at a local Life Line shop.  The main material itself was something I picked up for $1 per meter from East Coast Fabrics in their bargain bin. I liked it, bought 5m of it and made a cushion cover out of it before deciding on the pants. And the pants were fun to make and too big so I had to take them in a little. Next time I will make them a couple of sizes smaller perhaps.IMG_3212-sml

Before I finished the pants I actually finished the latest in my crocheting projects. A red and black beanie type hat. I really need to learn how to shape these things and follow patterns, but the patterns are confusing to say the least. All those numbers and letters mixed up together and the fact that I am winging it for now. My next project will be a rag rug, something for our floor. Time to go hunting through the Life Line shops for second hand bed sheets!

IMG_3233-smlNow onto the mice bit.

I do a bread run every Monday, deliver it around the neighbourhood (the kids do actually), and other people. Today one of our neighbours came over to ask if we wanted a rat cage since their rats had since departed them. The rat cage was great so it was carried over for us and all we had to do to it was fix up a couple of holes in the wires, which I did with some wire we have in the garage. It is an outside cage (woohoo, I now have an excuse to keep the mice outside) and is now resting in one of the more coveted spots of the patio. The kids have been told that the mice go out during the day and the pregnant girls need to come in at night time, though the girls may just stay inside for now and this will become the new bachelor pad. Yay! Stinky male mice outside!

Well, that’s it for tonight, though we did go here for a nice lunch today, very filling.

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